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Urban Transport Data Analysis Tool (UT-DAT)

Created Oct 07 2014, 5:44 PM by Cholpon Ibraimova
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Dear Urban Transport CoP members,


We are happy to let you know the Data Analysis Tool for Improved Targeting of Urban Transport Interventions that has been developed by the World Bank UrbanTransport team leaded by Om Prakash Agarwal with support from ESMAP is available now at Word Bank Transport website.



The Data Analysis Tool for Urban Transport is a simple excel based tool that enables users to compare several urban transport related indicators of a city with similar indicators in peer cities. Such a comparison would allow users to identify areas where the city under study is performing well or is performing poorly. The tool has been developed using a database on urban transport covering over 93 cities with data collected only from secondary sources. The output is a report presenting how the city is performing vis-a-vis peer cities with respect to a set of performance indicators. The tool aims to provide a comparative framework for urban transport experts so that they can better identify the main deficiencies in the city’s transport system and recommend the most appropriate remedial measures. The idea is to get a report that would be something like a pathologists report helping a doctor better identify the patient’s ailment.


You can find the UT-DAT user's manual together with the excel file of the tool by clicking the link below:

Urban Transport Data Analysis Tool (UT-DAT)



Best regards,


  • The city areas used are not comparable. Comparing Beijing 16000 km2 and Amsterdam 166 km2 leads to results that can not be used effectively.