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2Q Global Electrified Transport Market Outlook

2Q Global Electrified Transport Market Outlook from the latest BNEF newsletter.


I was just in The Netherlands and was surprised that at Schiphol Airport the taxis are Tesla Model S!







Global electric vehicle sales increased 37% in 1Q 2017 compared to 1Q 2016 and totaled 173,000 units, driven equally by growth in Europe, North America and China. Sales in North America increased the most year-on-year, as the region continues to respond very well to new EV model introductions. In Europe, sales of over 63,000 units meant that this region contributed the most to the total – 29%. As a result of a strong 1Q 2017, we now expect global sales in 2017 to exceed 1 million units.



  • In Europe, EV sales in four countries – Norway, the U.K., France and Germany – made up 74% of total sales in the region. EV sales were strong in the majority of countries we cover – EVs were only below 1% of total new car sales in four out of 16 countries. The success of the upgraded Renault Zoe, at over 9,100 units sold, shows the difference a single model can make and has led us to increase our forecast for the rest of 2017, when other mid-priced longer range BEVs like the Opel Ampera-e should be available.


EV sales in China increased 40% year-on-year, despite the initial 66% drop in January 2017. Despite the cut in regional subsidies, China is on pace to sell over 430,000 EVs in 2017 – 54% more than in the previous year. Major Chinese car companies like BAIC and SAIC have ramped up their BEV offerings, showing broader market interest and leading to changes in the rankings there. BYD is no longer in the top three passenger EV manufacturers in China.