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Discussion » e-Discussion - Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) - February 2017

e-Discussion - Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) - February 2017



Dear UT CoP members,


To follow on the recent video on Mysore, the topic of this month is Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).


In order to kick-off our e-Discussion, I would like to mention a few points that could be addressed on this exchange:


  • ITS describes a technology applied to -but not limited to- transport and infrastructure with the objective to transfer information between systems and improve safety, productivity and reduce the environmental pollution.


  • ITS includes stand-alone applications such as traffic management systems, information, warning systems installed in individual vehicles, as well as cooperative ITS (C-ITS). The communication take place between vehicle to infrastructure or vehicle-to-vehicle.


  • One of the positive aspects is that ITS may contribute to reduce traffic, increase efficiency and may help alleviate the global warming.


  • What are the potential drawbacks of ITS? For instance, the vulnerability of the system to hacker’s attacks, malfunctioning of the system, privacy and the potential risk of misuse of information are among the one that comes to mind. There are many other concerns that we should consider listing.


Starting from these premises, join the discussion in this thread where panelists from different fields provide online facilitation to answer your questions/comments.


The e-Discussion is now active and will go on until February 28th.


Please comment, raise questions, and connect with your peers. I hope you all enjoy the conversations!







UT CoP Team

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