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Ten Cities Receive Inaugural City Climate Leadership Awards for their Sustainability Initiatives

The City Climate Leadership Awards, a new collaborative initiative of Siemens and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, honored cities for demonstrating climate action leadership across ten categories. "The C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards are dedicated to the idea that cities – by refusing to wait for action from national governments and international bodies – can lead the way in addressing the risks posed by climate change. Using innovative local approaches, cities are having an impact on climate change globally." said C40 Chair, and New York City Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

The Awards' independent judging panel, consisting of former city Mayors, architects, representatives of the World Bank, C40 and Siemens, evaluated 37 projects in 29 finalist cities. Among the winners is the City of Bogota, which won the Urban Transportation award for its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its bus and taxi fleets. Transmilenio, the City's widely praised Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, launched in 2000, carries about 1.5 million passengers daily and has helped reduce carbon emissions by about 350,000 tons annually.

To further reduce emissions and pollution levels in the city, Bogota plans to replace its existing diesel bus fleet with hybrid and electric buses. The city began testing electric and hybrid buses on some routes last year, and took part in the Latin American Hybrid Electric Bus Test Program (HEBTP), an initiative designed to test hybrid and all-electric buses in Latin America, in real-world conditions. In addition, Bogota plans to introduce electric taxis as part of a pilot project, which is expected to significantly reduce carbon emissions from the city's taxi fleet.

The other winning cities and their award categories include: Copenhagen (Carbon Measurement & Planning), Melbourne (Energy Efficient Built Environment), Mexico City (Air Quality), Munich (Green Energy), New York City (Adaptation & Resilience), Rio de Janeiro (Sustainable Communities), San Francisco (Waste Management), Singapore (Intelligent City Infrastructure), and Tokyo (Finance & Economic Development).

Full story available at: C40 & Siemens Inaugural City Climate Leadership Awards Honor Ten Cities for Excellence in Urban Sustainability (Published on September 4, 2013)

Learn more about Bogota's electric and hybrid vehicle initiatives at: http://cityclimateleadershipawards.com/bogota-transmilenio-e-taxis/

Learn more about the City Climate Leadership Awards and the projects of the nominated cities at: www.cityclimateleadershipawards.com

Learn more about the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group at: http://www.c40.org/

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