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Discussion » What are your backgrounds and interests? - For members new and old!

What are your backgrounds and interests? - For members new and old!

Dear all,


I thought I'd start this discussion as a place for us all to share our backgrounds and interests - either professional or otherwise - and get to know one another better.  Our profiles show our name and company, so it would be wonderful if you could share your hometown or country of origin, a bit more about your professional background - anything from a career-defining experience to your current project - and maybe a personal interest or two.  Our community has a diverse array of members, each with their own unique story to tell; I think everyone would like to learn more about each other!


Thank you everyone,

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  • I'm from Minneapolis, USA (the part of the US that often gets as cold as Siberia in the winter!).  I've always had an interest in urban transport issues, particularly the development of metro systems, but my real career-defining experience was working at the Institute of Urban Transport in Delhi, India - there I learned not only about India's urban transport development, but also how many transportation and urban planning issues are similar around the globe. 


    I'm also interested in foreign languages, travel, cycling, and film!

  • Hi Daniel and all,

    Thank you for the invitation. My name is Ricardo and I am from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I am architect and MSc in Urban Development.

    Nowadays I am working on my PhD in Essen, Germany. My research is focused on the fast processes of urban growth in small and medium size coastal cities from Ecuador.

    Urban Mobility is a great topic to address and a challenge for urban planners and citizens of all size cities. I would like to contribute with the description the situation of the urban mobility and proposed transport systems in my city, Guayaquil.

    Also, this group is a great opportunity to learn from the experiences of all the participants and to share knowledge and friendship.

    Thank you again and kind regards,


  • Hello all,

    I am Andrea Lise, born in São Paulo, Brasil; but I have lived in  Sweden (in Stockholm) and now I am living in Guadalajara/Mexico.

    I am an architect and urbanist and also have a Master degree in Urban Planning. Urban transport and mobility is what I like most an  my passion is to teach, to show how life can be more sustainable with few changes - or big ones, sometimes. As I have moved many times for my husband job, I haven't had any chance to work in my area, but now in Mexico I am planning to do so, as soon as get my degree in spanish.

    This group is a great opportunity to learn with each others experiences, so, let s have fun!!!

    Thank you

    Andrea Lise

  • Hello Daniel & Everyone:

    My name is Jorge Llanos from Lima, Peru, I have lived in New York for more than 15 years. My field is architecture & urban planning holding a Masters in Science of Architecture & Urban Design. I am interested to deal with transport, land use, zoning and application of good sustainable systems.

    It a very enjoying experience to share different thought form different areas in the world in a group providing cultural backgrounds and experiences.

    Today´s world faces many challenges in relation to population growth, environment & climate. There are also physical changes that will affect us dramatically changing our attitudes to rapid decision making & the

    possibility of sharing opinions will expand our abilities to foresee any action we must take to maintain the safety of our environment.

    Many thanks for your invitation to your group,

    Jorge Llanos