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KSB Showcase Feb.2, 2016 - Value Pitch

Created Feb 02 2016, 12:57 PM by Barbara Minguez Garcia
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Good morning everyone, we are the Culture, Heritage, and Sustainable Tourism KSB.


Imagine Egypt without the Pyramids, or Peru without Machu Picchu? Greece without the Parthenon? How about Syria without Palmyra?  Afghanistan without the giant Buddha?


These places would not be the same without these cultural icons and landscapes. They would be less special and they would be places with fewer jobs.


These assets are magnets for tourism, and quite simply because tourism equals jobs!  Tourism accounts for 9% of Global GDP, 1 out of every 11 jobs, and $1.3 Trillion dollars in Exports worldwide.


What do we do as a development lender?  Here at the Bank, we help clients put their assets to work so they can contribute to their local economies. We have learned how to help them do this in an integrated way, offering our expertise as one institution.


And what about our KSB? Open door, operations, events, knowledge:


  1. We have an open door policy with followers from all GPs.
  2. We learn lessons from past operations and inspire new innovation.
  3. We help organize high level events, including the recent tourism forum in December with the President,
  4. And we bring in fresh knowledge from outside.


We invite you to stop by our booth, and learn more about us. We are interested in your advice – we want you to tell us what you think.  You will learn about our results, including with interviews of our beneficiaries. If you come to our booth, you will find out which country for every dollar we invested in public sector infrastructure, we attracted seven dollars of private investment.


Please come taste your way around the world; we look forward to welcoming you!


Thank you!

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