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Zakhro Murtazaeva I am doing a research paper with my supervisor on impact of SMEs on innvation in Central Asia. I was shown the data that is very useful to us though my superviosor's account. How the R&D input in China changes the quality of economic growth
Mei Kang I would like to use the World Bank’s corporate survey data to study the impact of the new crown epidemic on companies in different countries, and what impact companies’ employment, profit margins, and supply chains will use.
Jia Li This research project explores how firms in African countries reacted to Chinese aid projects. We will merge geocoded aid projects with firm data to empirically test it.
Subarna Roy Chowdhury Essay on Innovation by the Small Firms
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Yvonne September The research aims to analyse the financing gap in women led SMMES in South Africa. Entrepreneurs is critical to job creation in South Africa. Increasing economic partcipation of women in South Africa will contribute to reducing unemployment, female dependency on government social schemes and will create an empowered female force. The goal of the study is to inform and influence policies that can bridge this gender gap.