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Lending to Agri-Cooperatives: Kenya

Created Jul 10 2019, 11:26 AM by Fotios Stravoravdis
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This presentation was delivered by Maina Ndirangu from Co-Operative Bank of Kenya at the AgriFin Financing Agriculture Forum 2012. This presentation describes its lending model, key success factors, challenges, and risk mitigating solutions in providing financial services to agri-cooperatives in Kenya.

  • These are the advantages of a bank guarantee/SBLC with EJ Finance?

    1. Reduced financial risks
    2. Guarantee of performance of terms & conditions of the contract
    3. Better expansion opportunities for overseas businesses.
    4.No advance payments
    5.Proof of borrower’s credibility
    6.Less documentation work
    7.Legally backed-up by a recognized institution.

    What is the difference between SBLC and bank guarantee?
    Bank guarantee helps importers and exporters avoid the risk of non-payment and non-performance where standby letter of credit(SBLC) protects only beneficiaries. There is only a single bank in bank guarantee whereas SBLC involves a third-party bank (generally a foreign bank) also to cover both financial and non-financial risks of the guarantee.

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