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Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic by APRACA Member Institutions

Created May 05 2020, 3:19 PM by Fotios Stravoravdis

The farming communities all across the countries in Asia-Pacific region continues to deal with the impacts of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The farm labourers and others have already lost their regular incomes as a result of the crisis and the agricultural inputs are in high demand. The current crisis also impacting the small businesses in the downstream of the value chains and it is expected that there will be unprecedented increase in agricultural commodity prices eventually lead to food security concerns for the country. The government and private sectors are responding through various disaster relief programme and providing support to the smallhloder producers impacted directly or indirectly by this global pandemic which however are not sustainable for long term agricultural development and achieving the food security.

The current situation needs specific provisions of investment targeting the farming community who are playing important roles in the local food systems and to ensure emergency supply. The investments may target initially for the (a) all smallhloder farmers by providing necessary inputs, provisioning of markets (including procurements), insurances, access to agricultural technologies etc.; (b) livestock producers (including dairy) to ensure stabilizing their markets; (c) value chain actors active in local food systems for developing farmers markets, retail markets, restaurants, and supply of school meals etc.