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How Better Spatial Data Helps Indonesia’s Growing Cities

City Planning Labs: Building Foundations for Smarter Cities

The last decade has witnessed an urban data revolution, as cities globally have started mobilising geo-spatial data to harness the potential of urbanization. Indonesian cities have joined this revolution, leveraging data and planning to overcome constrains to build smarter, sustainable and climate resilient cities. To support Indonesian cities in this endeavour, the World Bank is providing support to the Government of Indonesia (GOI) through its City Planning Labs (CPL) Technical Assistance Initiative. CPL mission is to strengthen local governments’ data foundation and leverage digital intelligences within existing urban systems to strengthen evidence-driven planning for creating liveable cities for all residents. 

CPL helps cities by developing scalable and replicable tools that turn data into information, while supporting the establishment of data governance systems to mainstream evidence-driven spatial planning. It does so through the operationalization of a comprehensive Municipal Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) framework. MSDI Roadmap developed collaboratively among the city agencies for short, medium and long term with clear action plans are operationalized using CPL’s four-pillar IPDS framework. IPDS pillars correspond to on Institutions (local regulations and data governance protocols), People(competency frameworks and skill development), Data (collection, processing, management and utilization and data driven tools) and Systems (Integrated Data Platform). Activities under the MSDI framework also institutionally ground Smart City initiatives of our partner cities. In addition, agile and adaptable Urban Planning Tools, technological solutions and robust analytics developed and/or incubated within CPL are aimed at empowering the cities to take charge of their digital development to improve the quality of life of their residents. 

CPL interventions carefully build on global good practices, keeping city governments in mind, and can be tailored to the country context but with a vision towards scalability. CPL’s approach is also aligned with the World Bank’s Build, Boost and Broker Framework as it: 

  • Builds critical municipal spatial data foundations and institutionalizes it,
  • Boosts their capacity to utilize the information for evidence driven planning, and 
  • Brokers the relationships between-  city governments and private sector to leverage innovation in technology, south-south knowledge exchange to promote two-way learning, and creates awareness for national governments on regulatory bottlenecks that hold back innovation at the city level.