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Bat-Erdene Sambalaibat Helping the WBG to reduce poverty one community at a time!
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Bruce Summers C4D Coordinator/Liaison - World Bank Central CoP Team and ITSES Central C4D Team. C4D Roundtable Facilitator. C4D and CoP Coach. Former Board Member - Association of Personal Historians - Lead for Regional Ops. World Bank Premium Advisory Services Consultant for Collaboration and CoPs. Worked with over 150 C4D Communities. Member Engagement Lead for launch of Collaboration for Development. Co-lead for World Bank Community of Practice Strengthening Initiative. Principal Summers "Engagement" Consulting - Solving Volunteer Engagement Algorithms for 30 years. Former National Lead - Volunteer Engagement - American Red Cross and American Lung Association. Managed 1000 Member CoP engaging over 1 million volunteers annually in Disaster Preparedness and Response. Former US Peace Corps Volunteer - Community Development Officer for the Barbados Boy Scouts Association.
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Ivan Butina I've been a community builder since my high school days. I'm also passionate about diasporas and the positive impact they can have on their countries of origin. These two passions led me first to create the "Young Diaspora of Bosnia and Herzegovina" connecting hundreds of young Bosnians worldwiede, and then "Italians in DC" connecting Italians in Washington, DC. In 2013 I joined the World Bank Group (WBG) as a consultant with the Latin America and Caribbean region. There I used video-interviews as a tool to record and share practical knowlegde on social inclusion. I also developed and managed the communications strategy for the amazing "KingstOOn" animation festival and conference, the first of its kind in Jamaica. My present job is to help the WBG develop communities of practice that are valuable to their members and to the organization. Previously I worked for a Washington, DC PR firm. I hold a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins University SAIS. Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, I was raised in Bologna, Italy.
Aaron Kirsh Aaron Kirsh, Esq. is the Chief Operating Officer of CNS Global Advisors (CNS) and has served in this role since 2013. Headquartered in Washington D.C., CNS is a strategic financial advisor serving clients in emerging markets. Aaron advises clients on corporate and project finance strategies, focusing primarily on the renewable energy, infrastructure, and agribusiness sectors in emerging markets. Advisory clients include growth-stage operating companies, project development companies, as well as debt and equity investment funds.