Cooperative Financial Institutions - Center of Excellence

Welcome to the World Bank’s Center of Excellence (CoE) on Cooperative Financial Institutions (CFIs).

The Center aims to foster the exchange of concrete experiences, research and resources between CFI professionals related to the oversight, regulation,  modernization, and strengthening of these social enterprises.

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CFI International Symposium

The overall theme “Cooperative Financial Institutions in Rural Development” encompasses several topics around the current and potential contributions of CFIs to the economic development of rural areas. Among these topics,...


Podcast: CFI Breakfast Bytes

Welcome to CFI Breakfast Bytes, a podcast series that is brought to you by the World Bank Center of Excellence (CoE), and Rabo Partnerships and Foundation. ...


Ethiopia – Diagnostic study

The World Bank and the Federal Cooperative Agency of Ethiopia launched a diagnostic study of the regulation and supervision for CFIs.


Financial Cooperatives and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Resources on Financial Cooperatives in time of the COVID-19 Pandemic


*NEW* Financial Cooperatives in FCV Regions

Spotlight on Financial Cooperatives in countries affected by Fragility, Conflict and Violence


Supervision and Regulation

Supervision and Regulation of Financial Cooperatives


Financial Safety nets

Financial Cooperatives safety nets resources


Financial Cooperatives and Technology

Discover the latest technological advances in Financial Cooperatives


Institutional Strengthening

Find here resources on Institutional Strengthening


*NEW* Women in Financial Cooperatives

Tackling women representation and participation challenges in Financial Cooperatives and the leadership of financial cooperatives



Transparency, oversight, rules and more on financial cooperatives governance

From our Partners

The Potential of Cooperatives in Agricultural Supply Chains in Cambodia


The Cambodian government and international development partners are joining hands to implement the Agriculture Sector Master Plan 2030 (ASMP 2030), a promising approach to modernize agriculture in Cambodia. To achieve the ambitious government goal, an urgent transformation of the widespread traditional subsistence agriculture system will be necessary. Read more


Joint call for dialogue: Assessment of SMEs’ Post-COVID Financial Health


Banks have put in place a variety of solutions to help their clients, both in cooperation with and as a complement to public authorities’ measures. These measures have helped many companies. However, in some cases they may have deferred solvency problems into the future. Read joint statement here


Introducing the Global Credit Union Podcast


Hear how World Council of Credit Unions engages in advocacy, development, and education to champion and grow credit unions and cooperative finance worldwide on their monthly podcast. Access Epsiodes here


Welcome to the site of the international Community of Practice on Cooperative Financial Institutions! This site is hosted by the World Bank. It aims to foster the exchange of concrete experiences and research among CFI professionals on suitable approaches to:

  • Improve the regulation and supervision of Cooperative Financial Institutions (CFIs) to ensure their sound operation and growth;
  • Support CFI networks and individual CFIs in their quest to diversify their services, achieve scale, and increase their efficiency;
  • Contribute to a better governance and performance of individual CFIs, as well as their federations and networks;
  • Establish financial safety nets (deposit insurance, liquidity funds, etc.) that can help prevent failures and, if necessary, deal with failing CFIs;
  • Support efforts to integrate CFIs into country's financial infrastructure (payment systems, credit registries etc.); and
  • Leverage new technologies to enhance the performance of CFIs, to strengthen internal controls and to facilitate their oversight by competent authorities.

The site provides a repository of relevant documents as well as a platform that aims to foster the collaboration and discussion among CFI professionals through blogs and other means.

The CoE is one of the key pillars of a project supported by the Dutch Government and Rabobank Foundation. Under the project, the World Bank:

  1. fosters the strengthening of CFI regulations and supervision in three countries in which Rabo will assist in parallel the strengthening of relevant and representative CFIs so that they can enhance their performance and services for smallholder farmers, rural MSMEs, and rural households. The project concept aims to contribute to the integration of these CFIs into their country's formal financial system and financial safety net by providing simultaneous support to the efforts of the local authorities and of the participating CFIs. In addition, the resources will be used
  2. establishes and grows a Center of Excellence on CFI Regulation, Supervision and Promotion, that will comprise the above-mentioned website, this newsletter, a series of webinars and a major annual conference.


All members are encouraged to share their knowledge and best practices on cooperative financial instititions in the ‘Discussion’ section. Please note that comments on this website solely reflect individuals’ points of view. Contact us at < >