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2016-2017 - Armenia, Road Project, M-4 Yerevan - Sevan-Ijevan-Azerbaijan Border, rehabilitation

Created Jun 08 2017, 5:25 PM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke
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M-4 Yerevan - Sevan-Ijevan-Azerbaijan Border, rehabilitation

Road Project - The proposed highway starts from Yerevan, passes through Dilijan and Ijevan and is adjacent to the highway leading to Bagratashen checkpoint, which corresponds to the M-4 Yerevan - Sevan-Ijevan-Azerbaijan border road, km 10 + 300 to km 143 + 200 section in the road network of the Republic of Armenia.


Technical description

The project focuses on the upgrade of the M4 road section from km 10.3 to km 143.2.

  • The highway length is 132.9 km, average intensity, 12688 vehicle / day, coefficient of roughness, IRI = 5.50 mm / m.
  • Number of lanes: 2 lanes
  • Number of bridges: 38
  • Number of tunnels: 1

The initial section of the highway, 62.9 km long, has four lane with a cover in satisfactory condition, but due to high traffic intensity (more than 20,000 vehicle / day) is subject to rapid decay. In the rest of the 70 km long section the cover is in poor condition- there are many holes and slope collapses of ground road, drainage is not ensured in some sections, a large number of security elements are missing. It was last rehabilitated in 2001-2002. In 2016-2017 it is planned to reconstruct Dilijan tunnel, 2.4 kilometers long.


Investment amount

The initial cost of rehabilitation of the highway is 106.3 million EUR.


2016 - Priority Transport Projects (Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies, Republic of Armenia) presented during the 10th Eastern Partnership transport panel.



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