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Blog » 2013 - Moldova,  ILC at the Moldova IAM International Airport Marculesti (LOGMOS)

2013 - Moldova,  ILC at the Moldova IAM International Airport Marculesti (LOGMOS)

Created Jul 07 2017, 1:43 PM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke
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Region: Western NIS

Country: Moldova

Location: North East of Chisinau

Area: 40 ha

Mode Multimodal (Road/Rail/Air)

Investment Volume: EUR 12 – 20 M

Project Status: Priority

The project will build a new facility on the site of the primary building of FIAM (local territory) and create an intermodal Logistics Centre in Moldova. The project aims to increase the interaction with the city of Chisinau and the Free International port "Giurgiulesti". Expected outcomes include significant cost reductions in international transport and a decrease in the average transit time for international traffic and regional distribution.

The proposed project would substantially broaden the business, in particular by making it truly multimodal. In short terms, this would entail:  

  • rehabilitating an existing branch line (0.24 km) to Marculesti Station, allowing cheaper fuel delivery by rail tanker instead of by road tanker,
  • completion of the construction of a new air cargo terminal.


In subsequent phases it would entail:

  • constructing an access road (0.4 km) to an existing road running north to the main east-west road R13, and rehabilitating that existing road (1.2 km),
  • constructing a container terminal equipped for inter-modal operations,
  • providing railway access to that terminal, making use of an existing dead-end entry line parallel to the main line that runs along the northern boundary of the site,
  • constructing temperature-controlled storage and handling facilities for agricultural produce and other temperature-sensitive goods; and preparing land for construction of specialized and multiple-use facilities.


EaP countries, Logistics Processes and Motorways of the Sea, Master Plan

The objective of the LOGMOS Master Plan is to provide a comprehensive vision of strategic directions, guiding TRACECA beneficiaries and EU stakeholders to enhance operational logistics and MoS dimensions of TRACECA. The Master Plan is also a comprehensive framework for action to streamline the agenda of external aid interventions in TRACECA.

Project fiches: Armenia (Zvartnots, Airport) Azerbaijan (Alyat, Sea Port) Georgia (Tbilisi, ILC) Moldova (Marcelesti, ILC) Ukraine (Boryspil, ILC)


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