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2016 - Georgia, National Road Safety Strategy (MoT).doc

Created Oct 26 2017, 5:26 PM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke

This new Strategy sets out the key directions recommended by international organizations and global experts for successful and sustainable long-term road safety management in Georgia. While progress has been achieved against rising levels of registered motor vehicles, new steps are needed to allow Georgia to achieve substantially improved results and sustained success in its road safety activity.   


In line with identified effective practice, Georgia’s road safety activity into the future will be underpinned by the identification and measurement of the key road safety problems, a planned, systematic, results-focused response and long-term investment. Implementation of the Strategy will require effective and carefully orchestrated inputs of key governmental agencies, which acknowledge road safety as part of their core activity. Together with activity in the business sector and civil society, a new shared responsibility for road safety in Georgia is being forged. 

Developed through capacity review and in consultation with the key governmental partners and road safety stakeholders, this Strategy sets a new long-term vision and goal for road safety in Georgia.   In addition, an action plan will be developed in compliance with the objectives of the strategy.

As the main governmental agencies with key shared responsibilities for road safety and road traffic injury prevention, we present this Strategy to guide future road safety work in Georgia and to set out our shared responsibility for achieving better results, alongside our business sector and the community.

Approved by the following governmental agencies:

  • Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
  • Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia
  • Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia
  • Tbilisi City Hall



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    Leszek Zemke Thanks for posting.  It is great to see the work being done.  National capacity building requires citizen buy-in and participation.  Are you able to discuss about knowledge management hubs and how citizens can access information and data, and get involved in the campaign...  helping perhaps to gather data and help others access information that can help spread the word...

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