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2019-22 - Moldova, Rehabilitation of National Road M14 - Section Balti - Chisinau

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2019-22 - Moldova, Rehabilitation of National road M14 - Section Balti - Chisinau
Road project. Upgrade. The project is located along the M14 Brest-Briceni-Chişinău-Tiraspol-Odesa corridor. M14 road is  part of TRACECA road network, EATL and TEN-T. The M14 route is designated European E 583 and allows access of the northern part of Moldova to Pan-European Corridor IX. Rehabilitation of the M14 road is the priority project for Eastern Partnership. The road ensures the traffic flow from Moldova to the Ukrainian port Odessa, and Black Sea coast rest areas.

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Demand estimation from IDEA II-EaP transport model year 2030
  • Freight: 16.000 tonnes/day
  • Passengers: 2.000 cars/day
Technical description
Balti-Chisinau is a 2-3 lanes road. The route Balti-Chisinau is 131,0 km length, average speed - 65 km/h. For project implementation is not necessary land allocation. Rehabilitation of the Balti-Chisinau road is a priority objective of the Government of Moldova. The objective is included in the priority program of road rehabilitation from the Strategy of Transport and Logisticsfor 2013 -2022 elaborated by the Government in 2013.
Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure
Investment amount
Total estimated project cost is 112 mln EUR.
Implementation schedule
The implementation is planned for 2019-2022.
The feasibility study and detailed design is planned to be elaborated in 2018 by government.
Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other
  • Regional economic development is stimulated and growth up
  • Reduce transport costs;
  • Reduce travel time;
  • Improving road safety;
  • Improving social conditions;
  • Improving bilateral relations with Ukraine and EU countries


Cross border impacts: Currently approximately 11% of surveyed vehicles along the M14 corridor are registered in a Country other than Moldova.  Of those 11% approximately 73% were bound for or coming from EU countries while 27% were destined from or to Russia, Ukraine and other non EU countries. Rehabilitation of Balti-Chisinau road will lead to diversion of traffic from North and Central Moldova due of the better road condition and higher travel speed.


  • Environmental impacts: Application of the mitigation measures presented in the EIA, implementation of the EMP, the addition of the special specifications to the bid documents and the construction contracts for M14 rehabilitation project will be implemented in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The air pollution impacts will be temporary and of short duration, and will be mitigated trough specifications that will be part of the construction contracts. These specifications should include the proper maintenance of vehicles, dust control at work sites, traffic circulation maintenance, and proper location of borrow pits, quarries, and asphalt batch plants away from villages and other sensitive sites. With implementation of these mitigation measures, air quality impacts during construction are expected to be less than significant.

    After the project is completed, the traffic volumes will increase. This will increase the emission of pollutants. However, vehicles will operate at higher and more efficient speeds, thereby reducing the amount of pollution they emit per kilometer traveled. Mitigation includes enforcing slower speeds in populated areas with speed bumps, public awareness campaigns, signage and and/or other approaches. In particularly sensitive locations, such as hospitals, sound barriers should be considered. No such sensitive receptors were identified for the M14 during the screening survey.
Source of Funding
The project is proposed to be financed by the IFI. Possible co-financing of 15%. 
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