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2013-18 - Moldova, Roads project III

Created Nov 29 2017, 11:39 AM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke
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2013-18 - Moldova, Roads project III
Road project. Upgrade. This Project is part of a more comprehensive rehabilitation programme including also Projects "Moldova Roads II" and "Moldova European Roads". The project consists in rehabilitating and upgrading several sections, as well as constructing city bypasses or missing links on main road corridors.

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The main parameters consist in construction of two lane roads, enlargements, strengthening the pavement and enhancing traffic safety. Initially three road sections have been selected: one adjacent to Chisinau, the capital city, and two on the M3 North-South axis linking Chisinau to the Port of Giurgiulesti. Three components have been identified as a first phase. Further investments will be selected at a later stage from the Government's Transport and Logistics Strategy 2013-2022, as results of the studies become available.

Demand estimation from IDEA II-EaP transport model year 2030
Technical description
  • Component 1: Chisinau South-Western bypass on R6, 6.6 km. The new road will be a rehabilitated 4x3.5 m wide road with a 2 m wide median and 2.5 m shoulders for a total platform width of 21 m and a design speed of 100 km/h.
  • Component 2: Improve the North-South M3 axis between Chisinau and Cimislia, comprising improvements of the safety on the existing 4-lane road between Chisinau and Porumbrei (33.5 km) and the construction of the Porumbrei to Cimislia connection (19.1 km).
  • Component 3: Comrat bypass on M3, 17.9 km. The new Comrat bypass will be a 2-lane 7 m wide interurban road with a design speed of 80km/h.

The components selected by EBRD for financing in the first phase are the rehabilitations of a 37 km section on R33 Hancesti - Lapusna and a 32km section on R14 Balti - Sarateni (some EUR 50m).

Allocations following signature:

  • Rehabilitation of R16 Balti – Sarateni
  • Safety and Service life Improvement R3 Hînciesti Cimislia road, km 29+90 - 68+557
  • Rehabilitation of R20 Rezina-Orhei, km 0-16.800
Ministry of Transport and Road Industry & State Road Administration
Investment amount
A loan of 150 mln EUR was signed by EIB on June 2013
Implementation schedule
Currently completion expected mid-2018. Some sections to be completed in 2015

Under construction

Overall the project experiences delays

Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other
The project aims at improving transport conditions, including safety, and rationalizing transit traffic along some of the major axes in the country, resulting in increased opportunities for trade and movement of people and goods. The project is also expected to have direct cross-border and multi-modal implications as it will improve the country's interconnection with Romania and Ukraine, as well as with the international Danube port of Giurgiulesti.
Source of Funding
EIB information



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