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About the Green Finance Community of Practice

Created Jun 29 2017, 2:41 PM by Bruce Summers
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Green Finance is not a rocket science.

Welcome to a learning platform with open access and shared ownership.




The Green Finance Community of Practice (CoP) will provide environmental professionals with the basic understanding of financial instruments commonly used in conservation and trainings on preparation of the “bankable” projects with an adequate risk-return profile.


The CoP will highlight relevant good practices in other CoPs and emerging issues in Green Finance space, such as new environmental funds, smart subsidies, performance-based approaches, environmental remediation and protection, among others.




The site is organized in Wikipedia style and anybody can create content.


Policy of Quality of Quantity: we build reputation for substance. We encourage sharing good practices and innovative approaches. The rest will be deleted by our Core Team.

The CoP was created by joint efforts of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the World Bank and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

We are open to the public.


Our initial members are Global Practices and Teams working within Green Finance space (Environment, Energy, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Urban, Climate Change and others), as well as other MDBs, GEF, IFC, public and private sector representatives, finance professionals, environmental specialists and project managers/TTLs.


The CoP is relevant to many of us because of the growing interest from the donors and clients in leveraging private sector financing, need for improved efficiency of grant funding and for financial knowledge sharing among partners. In fact, sharing of operational experience with other agencies and partners might impact the average quality of project proposals, presenting an immediate direct benefit to our clients.



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