• Banking Instrument BG/SBLC/Loan Issuance

    Harry Wilson Posted Oct 15 2018, 8:16 AM

    I am Harry, a financial consultant in UK and I can help secure loans as working capital for your company to nurture expansion, new-product development,or restructuring of your company’s operations, management, or ownership, Bank Guarantees & SBLC inclusive.


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  • Anyone interested in some training from UNSSC Knowledge Center for Sustainable Development?

    William Tarpai Posted Apr 30 2018, 6:06 PM

    After having attended the UNGA high level meeting last week, got an invitation to join a 6 week online training.  "The Paris Agreement on Climate Change as a Development Agenda"


    Send me an email if you want to know more, or receive contact info from the organizers....

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  • ShareYourThought - What are education needs in green finance?

    Karin Merle Posted Apr 29 2018, 6:49 AM
    • News & Discussions

    From your experience, do you see any unresolved gap(s) in education or training on green finance?

    Let us know your opinion. Let's keep the focus on those education/training needs related to topics on climate change mitigation finance and/or financing initiatives with environmental benefit. Thanks for your contributions!

    You can also participate in the discussion via LinkedIn, if you prefer. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13543604


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  • Next steps on Chile's green finance agenda?

    Karin Merle Posted Apr 29 2018, 6:49 AM
    • News & Discussions

    "Mobilising capital towards a low carbon world, at speed at scale" - Thatyanne Gasparotto in the context of the Santiago Exchange's development of a new framework on green finance/green bonds. Press coverage was very positive and presented Chile as potential LatAm leader for 'green finance. On LinkedIn we asked Thatyanne from the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) if she could share some more details with us, and what are the next steps... 



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  • Will ASEAN+3 increasingly finance its infrastructure projects via green local currency bonds?

    Karin Merle Posted Apr 18 2018, 5:59 AM
    • News & Discussions

    What is your opinion/experience/insight on the above question?


    I find the Asian Bond Markets Initiative regarding the need for green local currency bonds in ASEAN+3 quite convincing:

    • (1) Financing infrastructure projects with long-term local currency bonds instead of short-term bank loans denominated in foreign currency would make the projects less vulnerable to currency and refinancing risks, especially as they generate revenue in the local currency. Also, costly hedging may not be available for longer-dated tenors in all currencies, an exchange rate depreciation can increase debt service requirements relative to local currency revenue, potentially threatening the viability of a project.
    • (2) Second, ASEAN+3 has a significantly large demand for infrastructure but is exposed to a range of climate conditions and extreme events. Green local currency bonds would help meet the long-term financing of the ASEAN+3 region, and at the same time become an effective investment tool to finance its transition to a low-carbon region.

    The full report is accessible here: https://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/410326/green-lcy-bonds-infrastructure-development-asean3.pdf


    You can opt to post a reply on the parallel post here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13543604/13543604-6392308143895994371

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  • Who of you will attend the inaugural meeting of the International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability?

    Karin Merle Posted Apr 10 2018, 8:15 AM
    • News & Discussions

    Since December 2017, the newly founded International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability counts 16 members (11 founding members Astana, Casablanca, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Milan, Paris, Qatar, Shanghai, Stockholm, plus Frankfurt, Geneva, Shenzhen, Toronto and Zurich). The inaugural meeting will convene in Milan, Italy coming Thursday/Friday (12-13 April 2018).

    Who of you will attend?    Perhaps you can share some impressions/learnings/results with the network.

    The International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability aims to mobilize the resources and expertise of financial centers around the world to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change and the SDGs. It was launched 28 September 2017 in Casablanca/Morocco. Priorities for possible early action by the Network include promoting, endorsing and implementing key standards, such as the Task Force on Climate-related Finance Disclosures (TCFD), and sharing experiences on green loans and green fintech.

    More info here: http://sdg.iisd.org/events/inaugural-meeting-of-the-international-network-of-financial-centres-for-sustainability/

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  • EU-ABC's Insurance Group presents position paper 'The Future of Insurance: Driving Innovation and Sustained Growth in ASEAN'

    Karin Merle Posted Apr 10 2018, 7:41 AM
    • News & Discussions

    New release: In line with ASEAN's tagline 'Resilient and Innovative' this year, the 4th annual position paper from EU-ASEAN Business Council (EU-ABC)'s Insurance Group was presented to the ASEAN Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. 'The Future of Insurance: Driving Innovation and Sustained Growth in ASEAN' - topics cover the growing insurance protection gap, and funding gap for infrastructure projects. The three areas for action in the paper are: 1) Disaster Risk Finance; 2) Long-term Investment; 3) Digital Economy & Insurance.

    Find the LinkedIn post and downloads of the position paper here:


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  • Climate Finance Facility in Southern Africa (SADC) - Green bank model as "bank within a bank"

    Karin Merle Posted Apr 10 2018, 7:23 AM
    • News & Discussions

    Have you heard about the Climate Finance Facility (CFF) in Southern Africa / SADC? The CFF will be a unique application of a Green Bank model, adapted for emerging markets conditions. Rather than establish a new standalone institution, the standard in developed markets, the CFF will be a self-sustaining and distinct entity within the DBSA, with its own balance sheet and dedicated operations. Green banks have shown they can catalyze the market for low-carbon, resilient infrastructure innovations.


    Are you involved in the establishment of the CFF or do you know someone who is? Blended finance has been mobilised to support the creation of lending capacity for low-carbon, resilient infrastructure innovations in Southern Africa: Convergence and ClimateWorks are partnering with the Coalition for Green Capital (CGC) and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) to support the establishment of the Climate Finance Facility (CFF), which hopes to be the first “Green Bank” in an emerging market.


    More info can be found here

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  • Agricultural Produce Processing Equipment (APPE) with Renewable Energy - Evidence Needed?

    Bruce Summers Posted Mar 22 2018, 5:18 PM
    • News & Discussions

    Cross-posted in Green Finance Community of Practice on behalf of Martyn Cowsill:


    Hello Everyone,

    My company is trying to find evidence of the economic impact that results from providing not just renewable energy, but also the agricultural produce processing equipment (APPE) that is needed in remote, off-grid rural communities in the developing world. Why? Because we have found that, despite the fact that we can identify hundreds or thousands of sites where micro hydropower could be installed, that electricity is not going to have maximum impact if the communities we serve have zero electrically-powered equipment with which to make more money, reduce wastage, improve profitability.


    The idea of providing those communities with the APPE they need, along with the hydropower, all bundled up in the same finance package, sounds completely sensible in theory. But that's the problem. It's just theory. The private sector investors might like the idea of enabling these remote rural communities to make more money, and thereby make regular payments more likely, but they need evidence.


    Question to Green Finance Community of Practice Members:

    So can anyone point me to projects where a community, which previously had no electricity and no APPE, was then monitored in its economic activity after electricity and APPE is provided?



    If the evidence doesn't exist, I'd like to create a project where we carry out exactly this kind of experiment.


    Moderator notes:

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  • How can a Green Finance... Member... Ask a question or start a Discussion?

    Bruce Summers Posted Mar 21 2018, 11:46 AM
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    This was asked recently by a member.  All Green Finance Community of Practice Members are encouraged to actively participate by asking or replying to questions or Discussions, note, preferably related to timely and topical Green Finance subjects of broad interest to other members.


    Note: if you are not yet a Member, then please "Join Collaboration for Development (C4D) and then go to the Green Finances and click "Join" you will automatically be accept as a member with rights to ask or answer questions, etc.


    Re: How can I start a Discussion:

    • Go to the lower left column, you will see the "Actions" Menu
    • Click Start a discussion - enter your question in the Subject section at the top.
    • Check - Mark this discussion as a question
    • Enter background information (if needed) in the lower "content" section; then invite members to add replies or comments, related thoughts and perhaps a link to related resources.
    • Note: in the lower right of the content section you can also click "Attach" to upload a related document.

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