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Created Jun 29 2017, 3:06 PM by Bruce Summers
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Please share your projects and initiatives:

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- We encourage to post good practice project examples illustrating how commonly felt issues were resolved or new approaches were used

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GEF work in blended finance...

The GEF has considerable experience in blended finance, particularly around renewable energy and energy efficiency. GEF provides cheap source of capital, making the project attractive for private investors. Project examples are available at  and


...brought us a good learning model of how we can establishing new funding facilities :

The GEF Earth Fund was a pilot public-private partnership initiative established by the GEF in 2008 and managed by the IFC. It utilized $30 million of GEF funds in eight investment projects that leveraged more than $1 billion of IFC commercial finance and other private finance. The platform also supported $50 million in advisory services.



Ernst & Young recently completed an independent evaluation of the IFC Earth Fund Platform, and concluded that it has overall been very successful in meeting its objectives and has generated valuable lessons related to market creation and development.




World Bank's recent fisheries project will help develop investment proposals in fisheries sector:

Before the investors can come in to the new industry (as many coastal fisheries are), it has to show an opportunity for generating profit.

The Challenge Fund project, financed by GEF, seeks to foster private investments into sustainable fisheries management thought the establishment of Investment Advisory Facility to help develop a pipeline of investable projects, while providing a platform for interested investors to engage early and adequately assess—and address—potential investment risks.


For more details, see P155101) Coastal Fisheries Initiative: Challenge Fund and (P160078) Coastal Fisheries Initiative Challenge Fund: Enabling Sustainable Private Sector Investment in Fisheries or contact Miguel Angel Jorge at





To address some of the barriers to conservation finance - such as high search costs for investable projects, and their potential to be scaled or replicated to meet the investments threshold, Coalition for Private Investors in Conservation (CPIC) is working on creating models (“blueprints”) for the successful delivery of investable priority conservation projects, connect pipeline providers of such projects with deal structuring support, and convene conservation project delivery parties with investors to execute investable deals.



Future Calls for proposals will be posted here