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Getting Started

Created Mar 10 2020, 1:57 PM by Christina Bogyo

1.    If you are not yet a member, click "Join" this Green Finance group.
2.    Once you join, please introduce yourself to the group and let us know of your background, experience and interest in Green Finance. 
3.    Who is who in this Green Finance group? Check out who are other members, and introduce yourself. Who is who? and Introduce yourself to the group (just click "reply" to the first post) 
4.     Share / participate: Reply to an existing post to provide your opinion/expertise, and/or click on "Actions" - "Create" and then add a discussion, blog, or an event tagged for News & Discussions, Resources, or Events. (Please check our "rules for content creation").
5.    Check out Green Finance Events around the world, share if you have spotted one that is not on the list.
6.    Complete the "Get-started" Tutorial.