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About Us

Created Apr 29 2020, 7:53 PM by Bat-Erdene Sambalaibat


Welcome to our Green Finance Communities of Practice (CoP).  
This platform provides entry-level information on Green Finance, and references to existing learning materials. 

Our focus is to connect, share, inform and collaborate with environment/ climate professionals across the globe, who have limited experience in the topic of finance investment. 

Visitors can browse the content of this platform, so join, and become an active member, so you can also post and connect with other members! 

The Green Finance CoP has a "sister group" of hand-picked Green Finance professionals on LinkedIn, see link to request to become a member.

Some Rules for Content Creation

All members are welcome to share their ideas, but open content and shared ownership comes with the question of quality control. We would like to attract posts which are in line with the following features:

  • The post needs to be relevant to this Green Finance group --> clear link with green finance (i.e., finance with environmental impact or climate related impact - while green finance might have social co-benefits, in this group we do not cover social impact finance). 
  • How is the project/approach/information posted different or innovative? Can it be replicated and scaled?·     
  • Let us know to what extent has the information been evaluated/validated, and by who?


Guidelines for General Use

While using this platform, it is advised to adhere to the following and please behave accordingly:

  • Be respectful of others and their opinions
  • Feel free to ask questions and be ready to answer questions as well
  • Please avoid posting content that promotes or sells products or services
  • Please refrain from posting offensive content