Discussion » How to best benefit from the Green Finance group? (access to other members)

How to best benefit from the Green Finance group? (access to other members)

Hey all,


I would like to thank you for your great feedback so far through our survey!

If you have not yet, then do take the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R9LSN95 We are still in full speed and enjoy each one of your responses!

(7-10 minutes of your time provides valuable insight for the future of this group)


First feedback on how to benefit better from this community is clearly the access to other members.


There are several ways to do that:

  • (1) Use the welcome thread (https://collaboration.worldbank.org/message/15705#15705) - it certainly provides an opportunity to share everyone's motivation :-)
  • (2) Post a separate thread if you want to engage others around a specific topic of interest. I would like to encourage everyone to use the "News & Discussions" thread like a "Green Finance coffee corner".  While we certainly seek for quality content which remains relevant to this green finance community, we also want to learn who is who, what are each members' suggestions/wishes/possible contributions, calls to find new staff or collaboration partners, identify/call for new information, tools, and techniques, etc. Make the platform your own. If you are not comfortable with posting by yourself, do not hesitate to speak to Olha/Carolin or myself to assist you, or to post on your behalf :-)
  • (3) I personally would like to help organise Green Finance Outreach sessions, in each of which 1-3 professionals either from our internal resources (from our GF group) or external specialists would answer specific questions around a particular green finance topic which came up via earlier discussions in this green finance group. Answers would be sought (a) in writing and/or (b) in form of live sessions via skype. The idea is that we together grow into a continuously more networked and more knowledgeable community, that we keep a connection to real life, and to concrete finance/investment opportunities.




Best wishes,


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