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Welcome to the COVID-19 Health Financing Resiliency Program (COVID-19 HFRP) Community of Practice (CoP)! The CoP gathers a trusted group of health and finance practitioners to candidly discuss the “how to” of structuring sustainable and resilient health financing policies while protecting and accelerating progress towards Universal Health Coverage. Join the community to start a discussion, connect with peers and experts, and contribute to the knowledge base that we are building together.​ Learn More

Recent Activities and Upcoming CoP Events

Jun 2021 Lives & Livelihoods - The newly released draft report, Lives & Livelihoods: Balancing to achieve smart containment during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, is the culmination of efforts by the COVID-19 HFRP CoP's Lives & Livelihoods Working Group to explore COVID-19 containment measures and the impact on lives and livelihoods, and identify key factors that influence sustainable health financing. The report was prepared by CoP members Riku Elovainio and Ramiro Gilardino, with input from other members of the working group. Go to report.


Apr 2021 New presentation! Mark Blecher - a CoP Core Group member was a presenter at a recent 2-day online event hosted by CABRI titled "Peer learning and exchange: COVID-19 vaccine financing, purchasing and distribution in Africa." On the event's page you can download Mark's presentation as well as other presentations, plus a report and working paper. Go to event page.



Mar 2021 Vaccine Financing Discussions - A big thanks to everyone who participated in the recent vaccine financing discussions held on March 24 and March 31.  We used a new discussion approach and captured the discussion on a Miro board.  We are so glad that participants found the discussions engaging!  Check out the interactive summary below!


Interactive Summary: Deep Dive Discussions on Vaccine Financing March 24 & 31, 2021

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Soonman Kwon

Republic of Korea


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South Africa


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Bocar Mamadou Daff


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As a member, this community is your space to share, explore and shape according to your needs. Accordingly, the community is steered by a core group of members representing a diverse set of regions and interests and in order to ensure that the community is responsive at all levels. Please reach out to the community manager or to core group members at any time to share your ideas, needs concerns.