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Knowledge Hubs are institutions or networks, dedicated to capture, share and exchange development experiences with national and international partners in order to accelerate development.

- Communiqué of the Bali High Level Meeting “Towards Country-led Knowledge Hubs” - July 2012

Since March 2013, this Community of Practice (CoP) has allowed development practitioners and sector experts in thematic institutions to share experiences and lessons so that they can improve the efficiency and impact of their services.


This Community of Practice on Knowledge Hubs is the home of leaders and practitioners involved in strengthening Knowledge Sharing institutions. Emerged after the fruitful First High-Level Meeting (HLM) on Knowledge Hubs held in Bali (Indonesia) in 2012, this community is also contributing to the Second (HLM) to take place in Seoul (Korea) on 23-26 June 2014, among others through case stories. This CoP’s membership is closed to the following target audience:

Program of Peer Learning Activities


Based on requests from community participants, an international expert team has developed a curriculum of peer learning activities on issues evolving around institutional arrangements of Knowledge Hubs and operational aspects for knowledge exchange. In a variety of learning offerings, webinars, video conferences and video streams, face-to-face workshops and activities, participants will have first-hand access to expert practitioners of existing knowledge hub institutions and organizations that have operationalized a strong knowledge practice. The objective for these offerings is to learn from existing experiences and offer the opportunity for questions and dialogue. In addition it can provide a space for mutual learning on what works best in different contexts of institutional knowledge operations to share development solutions that have worked elsewhere.

While experts will be invited from a multitude of private and public institutions and a variety of sectors, the learning events will focus on the “how to” of knowledge exchange and knowledge hub operations, not on thematic or sectorial knowledge. The cross-stimulation between different sectors will hopefully be one of the positive externalities of the peer learning events.

While most learning activities will be open to everyone in the community, there may be selected activities that are, for logistical (technical and geographic/time zone) reasons, only available for parts of the community members. We will however try our best to make all materials, findings, and summaries/recordings of the various activities available to the entire community.

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