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Discussion » How to improve the Impact Performance of the Human Development Programs on the Targeted Populations in Morocco ?

How to improve the Impact Performance of the Human Development Programs on the Targeted Populations in Morocco ?


I'm Brahim KHALLOQI from Casablanca Morocco. I'm a doctoral student (Doctorate in Business Administration, DBA). I look for a partnership to achieve my research. This is the proposal of my topic :


The Research Proposal


Area of research :

  • Introduction to problem statement

The National Initiation for Human Development (INDH, Initiation Nationale pour le Développement Humain) is a Moroccan program against poverty in its general aspect. The program was launched by the King of Morocco since 2005 with a budget of  USD 4.2 Billion for its first and second phases (2005-2018). An additional fund was added to the program for the third phase (2019-2023) with USD 1.8 Billion.   

  • The aims of the program are:

Fight against rural poverty, Fight against urban social exclusion, Enhance the life quality of the population, Territorial upgrade

  • This program is lead as follow:

Central comity, Regional comity, Provincial comity, Local comity, Support organs

  • The identification of the project and the population targeted is operated by:
  • The demand from the population representatives (politics)
  • The demand from the local associations
  • The authority decisions
  • Partnership with other government institutions (education, health etc.)
  • Purpose of the research
    Despite all those efforts, Morocco is ranked at 123th position by the UNDP (United Nation Development Program) with a score of 0,667/1. Morocco still ranked behind Algeria, Libya, Iraq (UNDP report, 2018).
    Trying to study this problematic, we put as a central hypothesis:
    “The Performance of the program impact on the targeted population”

This central hypothesis will be declined in three assumptions:

  1. The targeting Efficacy: Is the Sustainability criteria taken in account when a giving project is chosen (Efficacy theory)
  2. Efficiency of the resources allocated (Efficiency theory)
  3. Governance Performance (stakeholders theory)


Expected research outcomes


  • Contribution of the research
    Our study will lead us through the answers we will provide to the central hypothesis and assumptions above, to elaborate an external documentary and scientist handbook with change management tools.
  1. How the results will be presented to the academic community and applied to management practice
  • Presentation to the academic community
    In final, our study will be published through our University Research Laboratory in its integrality. Before, we will also publish gradually the results we achieve in each step of our study progress in specialized reviews (Harvard Business Review, and others).
  • Applying to management practice
    The scientist management handbook (we will perform) dedicated to enhance the performance of the program will be presented to the official program designers. I also plan to present this study to the King of Morocco as he is the founder of the program. As such, he asked last October the government to collect all recommendations from the specialized studies that give solutions to enhance the Social and Human Development in Morocco. After the first lecture I did to present researches in this field, I find that most of them studied the problematic on its descriptive view (statistics etc…) and didn’t give applying recommendations and tools to enhance the social and Human Development in Morocco.
  1. Outlets to which the research findings may be submitted for publication
    The publication of our finding will help the program decision makers and designers to perform the impact of the projects on the targeted population. They could reach that by using relevant tools we give in different steps of both project design and project accompany:
        • Matrix to identify projects with high impact and sustainability. “Targeting Efficacy”
        • Project monitoring using the PMO Concept (Project Management Office) versus the current local “Social Division” (administrative). “Efficiency of the allocated resources”

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