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Aristide KIELEM I am a development economist who have worked in social protection, building the social protection system including the policy and the strategy as well as supporting the design of the cash transfer programme. I also worked on Development planning, designing and evaluation PRSPs and their action plans, and supporting the development of sectorial policies. I am also experienced in Public finance, supporting Government in improving and tracking expenditures and training officials on Public Finance for Children. My work experience is also related to poverty analysis, including economic modeling.
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akrem haddad MBA - Global Business & Sustainability in New Markets & Europe. Certified as Trade Advisor by ITC (The joint Agency of UNCTAD & WTO) Certified as VMP Advisor by ITC (The joint Agency of UNCTAD & CEO Gaia Group (Social innovation Lab for Collective Impact & Stakeholders' engagement) CEO B-idea (Inclusive Business Accelerator) CEO Logos & Kairos (Impact Investing & Capacity Building for Non-Profit) Strategist, Social Innovation & Social entrepreneurship Expert