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Smart Cities @ the Korea Innovation Week 2020

February 18, 2020 | 3:30 PM |

Smart City projects aim to solve urban problems and improve the quality of life by using disruptive technologies in cities. Is it possible to apply these projects in developing countries? Korea is a living example of how this can be achieved. The country is recently focusing on smart city policies and projects that are integrated with world-class ICT. Developing countries have a lot to learn from Korea as it has overcome the ruins of the Korean War and achieved rapid economic growth since 1960s.Smart Cities is one of the themes of the Korea Innovation Week this year. Come and join the activities to learn more about recent sectoral innovations and Korean experience in this realm.

A Thematic Workshop on Smart Cities on Day 1 shared smart city policies and practices in Korea, discuss global smart city opportunities and challenges, and explore Korea-WBG partnership to move forward.  The MOLIT-WBG Joint Smart City Workshop on Day 2, organized jointly by the Korean the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the World Bank Group, featured sessions on smart urban development, smart water management, smart city land administration and geospatial technology, smart city financing and PPP, smart urban resilience, smart citizens and governance, and smart mobility. 

Please find below the sessions which were parsed into multiple bursts of short 12-15 minutes videos from Smart Cities sessions at the Korea Innovation Week 2020: