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100 Climate Neutral Cities in Europe by 2030

Created Sep 03 2021, 5:59 AM by Basak Gunes Basat Unal

The event ‘100 Climate Neutral Cities in Europe by 2030’ held on 14 and 21 June 2021, focused on the
question: How can we help European cities become climate-neutral as fast as possible? All 34+ sessions
promoted mission-driven innovation, investments and (citizen) engagement.

The programme was built on current and future business opportunities in which technology acts as a
flywheel for replication, acceleration and scale. The program was co-created with our local and (inter)
national partners. We focused on the following crosssectoral themes:
• Circularity (in particular the Energy-Water-Food
• Sustainable Buildings and Energy
• Smart & Green Mobility
• Urban Leadership: How can the government act as an orchestrator and facilitate systematic change?

The aim of this document is to provide an overview of the harvest and to gain insights in learnings. The
sessions that are included in this document each have one page with a session description and a second page
with conclusions and insights. 

Please be aware that this document is not an official publication.

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