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(EN) The Protected Areas (PA) Sustainable Finance Subgroup is a private meeting place for knowledge exchange and learning under the ASL Community of Practice. As a member, you will be able to participate in our discussions and find relevant publications, presentations and reports.

(ES) El grupo de trabajo de Sostenibilidad Financiera de Áreas Protegidas (AP) cuenta con este lugar de encuentro privado para el intercambio de conocimientos y aprendizaje temático, dentro de la Comunidad de Práctica del ASL. Como miembro, podrá participar en nuestras discusiones y encontrar publicaciones, presentaciones e informes relevantes.

(PT) O grupo de trabalho de Sustentabilidade Financeira das Áreas Protegidas (AP) tem este lugar de encontro privado para a troca de conhecimento e aprendizagem temática dentro da Comunidade de Prática do ASL. Como membro, você pode participar de nossas discussões e encontrar publicações, apresentações e relatórios relevantes.


PFP Related Events - Eventos Relacionados al PFP - Eventos relacionados ao PFP

Securing Sustainable Financing for Conservation Areas: A Guide to Project Finance for Permanence

Dec 2021 Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) is an approach designed to secure the policies, conditions, and full funding for the effective and long-lasting protection of our planet’s important natural places. It is being applied in Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, and Peru, and there is increased interest in applying the PFP approach in other countries. To meet that interest with information, the ASL Working Group on Sustainable Finance has led the publication of Securing Sustainable Financing for Conservation Areas; A Guide to Project Finance for Permanence, to capture the experience and lessons learned from PFP practitioners and to serve as a guide for the application of the PFP approach. Download the PFP Guide 

XXIII RedLAC Congress 2021 

Aug 2021  This year's Congress (September 28-30th) gathered unique engagement and learning opportunities between the member funds, strategic allies, donors, impact investors, government representatives, and the global conservation finance community to address the topic of “Road to 2030: The role and added value of CTFs in meeting global goals”.  Read more

Webinar Nov 16: Debt Conservation for Nature

Conservation Finance Alliance invites to a webinar on debt conversions (also known as debt for climate and nature swaps), a finance instrument that allows countries to reduce their national debt and reallocate funds for sustainable development and conservation projects. The webinar provides a brief overview of the instruments ans some lessons learned from previous projects.
Learn more and register



Webinar Nov 12: Conservation Trust Funds 2020 – Global Vision, Local Action

Join CFA for the long-awaited launch of Conservation Trust Funds 2020: Global Vision, Local Action – a comprehensive analysis of Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) over the past decade and into the future. This 90-minute webinar will present highlights of the report followed by a lively panel discussion with leading CTFs and experts. Read more and register



10 de Nov de 2020: Gestión de fondos para la conservación de la naturaleza al 2030

Conoce más sobre los desafíos de la agenda ambiental al 2030, así como del impacto de los fondos para la conservación. Lee mas



Oct 6–8, 2020: Sustainable Finance for Conservation – First REDLAC & Café Virtual Congress

RedLAC and CAFÉ are regional networks that group 43 environmental funds from 30 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa, as well as 3 regional funds. Register to engage with a global community of conservation finance practitioners, including environmental funds, donors, impact investors, NGOs, the private sector, and government authorities. Read more



Aug 27: Forever Costa Rica Association – 10 Years Sowing the Seeds for the Future of Conservation

Aug 2020  Forever Costa Rica Association (FCRA) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This is a very special celebration and an opportunity to account for all of the impact and successes they have reaped over the years. The webinar creates a space where the donors of FCRA can be acknowledged and discussed how their continuous support has been instrumental in improving and scaling the organization.
Read more  |  Watch the recording



CFA Webinar July 31, 2021, 11am (est): Coronavirus and the Conservation Finance Community - Blended Finance for Nature

Blended Finance is defined as “the use of catalytic capital from public or philanthropic sources to increase private sector investment in sustainable development” (Convergence).  This was one of the conservation finance mechanisms that remains potentially robust despite the current Covid19 pandemic (see CFA Covid discussion).  Three panelists coming from diverse organizations active in this area will discuss the benefits and challenges of Blended Finance as a conservation finance mechanism. Register



Webinar July 10, 2021: Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Development – opportunities and challenges with COVID19

The Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) is holding its next online discussion on Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Development. Three knowledgeable panelists will discuss the benefits and challenges in a time of COVID19. They will discuss how mainstreaming assures that investments in nature (including recovery efforts) provide essential co-benefits for other sustainable development objectives. Learn more



Webinar on Sustainable financing of protected areas – Public-private partnerships, the experience of Forever Costa Rica

Forever Costa Rica Association (FCR), a private independent conservation trust fund created in 2010, works in partnership with the Government’s National Service of Conservation Areas (SINAC) to finance and implement the country’s biodiversity conservation efforts and PA system. FCR will present its 10+ years’ experience pursuing the conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems and the evolution of its alliances with the private sector and civil society. Read more  |  Download the presentation  |  Watch the recording



Webinar: Sustainable financing of protected areas – Earmarking funds from carbon taxes, Colombia

May 2020  Protected Area systems (PA) are globally considered as one of the most effective approaches for conservation and to tackle climate change, but they are facing ever increasing threats and chronic lack of critically needed financial resources. This webinar focused on the Colombian carbon tax as an economic tool to encourage national greenhouse gas mitigation goals. It showcased the negotiation and design process that led to these funds being earmarked and the resulting impact it has had on PA management and conservation.
Learn more  |  Download the presentation  |  Watch the recording



Webinar May 26, 2021: Sustainable Tourism in the Post COVID-19 Era

The Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC) conducts a webinar on Sustainable Tourism in the Post COVID-19 Era on May 26, 11am Washington D.C., 10am Mexico, Colombia, Peru. This webinar aims to analyze the changes that the tourism sector is experiencing and the opportunities that are arising for the development of sustainable tourism. The webinar will be in Spanish. Register



Webinar: Roads in the Amazon - A better network for people and the environment

May 2020  The rapidly expanding network of roads in the Amazon is permanently altering the world’s largest tropical rainforest. The webinar discussed the expected environmental, social and economic impacts of 75 road projects, totaling 12000 kilometers of planned roads in the Amazon region. It was based on a study by the Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) which contributes to informed decision-making by quantifying the environmental, social and economic effects of the planned projects.
Learn more  |  Presentation English  |  Presentation Español  |  Watch the recording



Webinar: Conservation and local community development in the Great Bear Rainforest

Apr 2020  This was the first of three webinars hosted by the ASL Working Group on Sustainable Finance. Brodie Guy, Executive Director of the Cost Funds, shared the innovative approaches and experience gained over 10 years of supporting First Nations community businesses, economic development and conservation management in one of the largest remaining temperate rainforests and highlighted lessons that could inspire similar approaches for Protected Areas around the world.
Learn more  |  Download presentation  |  Watch the recording



Webinar: Technology Meets Policy in the Amazon

Mar 2020  Our recent webinar featured MAAP, an initiative of Amazon Conservation (ACCA), that specializes in satellite-based, real-time deforestation monitoring of the Amazon as well as their recent 2019 synthesis report on Amazon Deforestation Trends and Hotspots.
Learn more  |  Download the presentation  |  Watch the recording



Comparative Analysis of Conservation Agreement Programs in the Amazon

Jan 2020  The analysis identifies CA program characteristics that deliver effectiveness, assesses how they are applied in the Amazon region and provides further recommendations. Read the report


Amazon Sustainable Landscapes

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