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World Bank AquaInvest Platform: sharing knowledge, tools and best practices towards sustainable and responsible aquaculture investment

Created Jun 12 2023, 11:38 AM by Vivek Prasad
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The objective of the World Bank Group AquaInvest Platform is to share knowledge, tools, and best aquaculture practices among practitioners, policymakers, innovators, researchers, and experts, and to provide periodic updates and inform on current development in aquaculture. 

The Platform also seeks to identify gaps, challenges, innovations, opportunities, and new markets for aquaculture industry to scale up and alleviate poverty and improve global environmental resilience. The Platform is formed by the World Bank Group in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and it is funded by the PROBLUE Multi-Donor Trust Fund. This Platform has, among other things, undertaken a Global Seaweed Market Study and is currently immersed in the development of Global Guidelines for Aquabusiness Sustainable Development.

This side event ( Hermosillo, Mexico, 16-19 May 2023) provided a comprehensive summary of the key messages and major findings of the Global Seaweed Market Study report and also present a Synopsis of the Global Guidelines on Sustainable Aquabusiness Development, including its outline, and its development, validation, and dissemination process.

The expert panel discussed and exchange about the necessary requisites for a vibrant aquaculture sector to be sustainably established at national level: What are the key requirements and the enabling environment for Sustainable Aquabusiness Development? 

Looking at current World Bank Aquainvest Platform products and services:
-    The Global Seaweed Market Study Report will serve as a thorough reference to document the importance of seaweed farming worldwide, and therefore, highlight the importance of using while protecting our Oceans for long-term sustainable, viable and responsible economic development. 
-    The Global Guidelines for Aquabusniess Development will be a living operational set of recommendations to provide current practical advice to public and private investors on sustainable aquaculture business development, with a wide range of species, farming systems and production contexts.

Agenda of the side event
Opening remarks:
o Opening remarks by Mr. Octavio Alberto Almada Palafox, National Commissioner of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Mexico.
o Opening remarks by Mr. Harrison Charo-Karisa, Senior Fisheries Specialist at the World Bank.
• Presentations: 
o Introduction to the World Bank AquaInvest Platform by Mr. Harrison Charo-Karisa.
o Launching of the “World Bank Global Seaweed Market Report: Analysis of New and Emerging Market Opportunities” by Mr. Harrison Charo-Karisa.
o Presentation of a Synopsis of the Global Guidelines on Aquabusiness Development by Ms. Ruth Garcia Gomez, World Bank consultant.
Expert Panel on Sustainable Aquabusiness Development.
Invited experts:
- Mr. Nathanael Hishamunda, FAO Senior Fisheries Officer.
- Mr. Eduardo Leao, NACA Senior Programme Officer.
- Mr. Mexican Aquaculture Stakeholder.
- Mr. Isidro Velayo, Assistant Director Technical Services, BFAR.
- Mr. Amadou, Director of Aquaculture, ANA.
•Q&A Session.
•Conclusions and closing remarks by Mr. Harrison Charo-Karisa.

Please watch the recorded video and download the presentations: