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Community-Driven Development - A Year in Review: 2017

Created Jul 10 2017, 7:12 PM by Galen Chern Ming Tan
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Dear CDD Colleagues:


With the close of the World Bank’s FY17, we’re looking back at all that we’ve accomplished as a community.  The annual report, which summarizes our collective activities, just goes to show that we’re that much stronger as a community that shares knowledge and supports each other. Your hard work and thoughtful contributions are what make the CDD CoP and GSG successful. 

Some key highlights:

  • In December, a major workshop, jointly hosted with the Fletcher School, on building state legitimacy in fragile and conflict-affected countries that brought together 100 representatives from governments, research institutions, and the international development community to present research and share experiences
  • The number of active World Bank-supported CDD projects has increased from 177 to 188, with the overall value of the active CDD portfolio increasing from $17.3 billion at the end of FY’16 to $19.1 billion at the end of FY’17.  The past fiscal year saw new and exciting projects approved that adapt and apply the CDD model in, among other countries, Afghanistan (the Citizen’s Charter Program), Bangladesh (Local Governance Support Project), Cameroon (Livestock Development Project), China (Rural Poverty Alleviation Pilot), India (Nagaland Health Project), Indonesia (National Slum Upgrading Project), and Togo (Safety Nets and Basic Services Project).  Congratulations to these teams who continue to innovate and successfully apply CDD to their countries’ challenges!
  • Launching our new CDD Collaboration4Development (C4D) site website that provides access to core CDD resources to our external partners
  • Joint collaborative efforts with our colleagues working on rural livelihoods to move forward on the intersection between CDD and local economic development
  • The CDD Secretariat responded to almost 200 total requests throughout the year, an average of about 4 - 5 requests for information, assistance, and materials per week as part of our “help desk” function
  • 8 learning seminars, covering CDD in countries diverse as Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Russia, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Afghanistan, as well as topics like capacity building, rural livelihoods, and fragile, conflict-affected, and violent situations.
  • The “What’s Happening” newsletter marked its 50th issue in April
  • New communications outreach materials, including two-page briefers and PowerPoints on CDD in conflict situations, urban environments, indigenous peoples, and climate and disaster resilience, to help our community tell the CDD story better


We’d like to give a big thank you to our hundreds of members who shared their time, energy, and knowledge with our community – be it acting as expert panelists at our events,  sending advice on a colleague’s question on CDD program implementation, or reviewing our new C4D site. With the new year, we’re excited to have Nik Myint join our team as the CDD Coordinator at the World Bank – please give him a warm welcome in his new role.  We’re looking forward to another exciting year ahead with all of you!

Susan, Sean, Kaori, Galen, and Adelaide