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Database: EaP Road Safety

Created May 22 2017, 12:51 AM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke
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Road Safety


Road Safety in EaP countries


Implementation of the Regional Road Safety Action Plan for the Neighborhood East and Central Asian Countries (TRACECA)
This project is a follow up to an earlier EU funded regional road safety project that covered 9 countries in TRACECA region, which identified the areas of need in terms of  safety in each country and developed a generic regional road safety action plan for the concerned countries, to use as a model for developing their own country specific Action Plans.


Armenia Road Safety


Armenia, Road Safety, 5 Year National Program

Development of multi-profile action plan of the National Road Safety Council. Compliance of Road Safety legislation in RA with UNECE and EU conventions and agreements, and their validation and implementation. Road safety sustainable long-term development.


Armenia, Establishment of RSC by PM's decree

The National Road Safety Council of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter “Council”) is the consultation entity in road safety sphere which discusses and submits proposals to the Government of the Republic of Armenia on implementing national road safety strategy for Armenia and Yerevan and other related issues.


Armenia, National Road Safety Strategy, 5 Year Action Plan

National road safety strategy for Armenia, with the development objective to reduce the rate of traffic accidents and traffic fatalities in Armenia and reduce congestion in Yerevan.


Azerbaijan Road Safety


Azerbaijan, Capacity Building for the State Road Police, report part 1 (SweRoad)
The purpose of this report is to present the assessment of the current resources, activities in the State Road Police, outline a systematic approach to a capacity building program for State Road Police, deliver the proposal on the development program and  the proposal of equipment needs.


Azerbaijan, Capacity Building for State Road Police, report part 2 professional development program (SweRoad)

The Professional Development Program for ASRP is based on field experiences, scientific reports, state-of-the-art technology and presumptions on the Azerbaijan road network and the present and the proposed traffic law enforcement activities in Azerbaijan. One of the objectives is to give the participants in the traffic enforcement training courses knowledge of the traffic enforcement as a part of the national road safety work in Azerbaijan Road Safety Program.


Azerbaijan, Design and First Stage Implementation of a Crash Data Base (SweRoad)

The aim of the assignment is to develop an adequate, country-wide system of crash and injury data collection, storage, retrieval and analysis, which permits comprehensive analysis of the road safety situation in Azerbaijan, information to be disseminated to all potential users and appropriate remedial measures to be devised. 


Belarus Road Safety


Belarus, Road Safety Factsheet (WHO)

Trends in reported road traffic deaths, data on post-crash care, safer vehicles and safer road users.


Georgia Road Safety


Georgia, Road Safety Factsheet (WHO)

Trends in reported road traffic deaths, data on post-crash care, safer vehicles and safer road users.


Highway Safety Improvement Program, Annual Report

The purpose of the Georgia Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) is to provide for a continuous and systematic procedure that identifies and reviews specific traffic safety issues around the state to identify locations with potential for improvement. The ultimate goal of the HSIP process is to reduce the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities by eliminating certain predominant types of crashes through the implementation of engineering solutions.  


Moldova Road Safety


Moldova, Transport and Logistics Strategy (GM)

The Government of Moldova has responded to the overall challenges the country faces and issued the National Development Strategy (NDS) (Law no. 166 from 13th July 2012) named “Moldova 2020”. The document provides the overall framework against which the development of Moldova is envisaged to take place. The Strategy covers 7 key subjects that have been identified as crucial in the facilitation of development of the Moldovan nation in the period up to 2020. These sectors are: Education, Roads, Access to Finance, the Business Environment, Energy, Pensions and the Judicial System. 


Moldova, Development of casualty reduction Partnerships in Chisinau and Tiraspol
Joint project on road safety has been assisted by the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme, funded by the EU and co-funded and implemented by the UNDP. The final aim of this project was to form a partnership between authorities responsible of road users’ safety, a partnership that could be useful in solving the existing problems in road safety.


Moldova, Joint Report on Statistical Data and Public Attitude towards Road Safety in Chisinau and Tiraspol

This project allows for the joint training of civil society leaders, opinion makers, media and public agencies on both sides of the Nistru river. The expected final result of the project is to establish local partnerships in order to reduce the number of accidents in Tiraspol and Chisinau, as well as to create a common platform to monitor the road safety performance.


  Ukraine Road Safety


Ukraine, Road Safety Management Capacity Review and Strategy Development

This report has been prepared following a study of institutional road safety management capacity in Ukraine, following the safe system approach.