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2010 - Azerbaijan, Capacity Building for State Road Police, report part 2 (Professional Development Program).pdf

Created Jun 28 2017, 3:05 PM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke
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Modern road policing takes it for granted that the traffic police officers, on all levels, are well educated and trained. In all countries the traffic police officers regularly have to participate in professional, basic traffic enforcement training courses and retraining, governed by requirement.

The Professional Development Program during 2011-2012 is including the following courses:

1) The Workshop (suspended by ASRP in November/December)

2) The two-day Leadership course

3) The five-day Trainer/Instructors’ course

4) The Traffic police officers’ course 

The participants in the courses 1) and 2) ought to be members of the Central Leadership of ARSP, in course 3) ASRP Trainers/Instructors and in course 4) ASRP Traffic police officers from the regions.
The Professional Development Program for ASRP is based on field experiences, scientific reports, state-of-the-art technology and presumptions on the Azerbaijan road network and the present and the proposed traffic law enforcement activities in Azerbaijan.

One of the objectives is to give the participants in the traffic enforcement training courses knowledge of the traffic enforcement as a part of the national road safety work in Azerbaijan Road Safety Program.
During the Workshop the Central Leadership of ARSP and the consultant will exchange useful information which should be used when the consultant is carrying out the Training courses. The Leadership course will be adjusted to the participants’ needs and requests. The proposed concept “Train-the-trainer” for the five-day training course for Trainer/Instructors will help us to carry out an efficient and effective training during the ARSP. The outputs from the Traffic Police officers training course is increased knowledge and practical skill among the State Road Traffic police officers to carry out efficient traffic enforcement and First aid.



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