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2016 - Ukraine, Road Safety Management Capacity Review and Strategy Development

Created Jun 29 2017, 1:58 AM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke
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This report has been prepared following a study of institutional road safety management capacity in Ukraine, following the safe system approach. Whatever the organizational form in which they are established, the World Health Organization recommends that a lead agency is nominated by Government to lead country’s road safety efforts across the various government agencies. This mandate does not exist in Ukraine, which creates a major barrier for reducing road trauma. Draft legislation which would establish such a lead agency has been prepared and needs to be passed into law.

Given the extraordinary pressures which Ukraine faces, yet the substantial and persistent losses on the road, it is recommended that a short strategy document aligned to safe system principles is prepared which:

  • Includes a clear political mandate for road safety from the President and/or the Prime Minister
  • Describes how road safety will be managed and led within the Government of Ukraine
  • Sets medium term targets out to 2020 and identify critical intermediate outcome and delivery measures to achieve that target
  • Links to a new strategic work programme which details the critical areas of activity over the next five years, and the major investments and decisions that will be pursued.



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