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2010 - Azerbaijan, Design and First Stage Implementation of a Crash Data Base

Created Jun 28 2017, 11:49 PM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke

The project is suggesting to use the existing accident data base at the Azerbaijan State Road Police. To use the present reporting form and data base but include coordinates and one or two more items on the form and the corresponding addition in the data base. The project also suggests that data should be made available electronically for Azerroadservice in order to increase the analysis possibilities. This concept has been discussed and agreed by all the main stakeholders such as the State Road police, Ministry of Transport and Azerroadservic.

At the traffic police there is a data base that is working good. The project suggests developing it further and build on that improve it step by step. The suggestions made on accident form and on the system in the world bank project 2003-2005 was technically good but we understand that one difficulty behind the suggestions was that too much was to be changed at the same time. We suggest that coordinates are added onto the present form but that no major changes are done with the form. The present data base has to be changed so that X coordinates and Y coordinates can be added. To make it possible to register coordinates we suggest that the police are equipped with GPS measuring instruments. 2 at each police unit. We suggest that the digitized maps and road data that at present are developed in another project will be utilized for presentation and analysis of accident data. It will be installed at Azerroadservice in one year. Data from the present accident data base should be provided to Azerroadservice where it is used together with digitized maps and road data. The access will include all data except sensitive (integrity) information that can identify persons. This needs an agreement between State Road Police and Azerroadservice


The analysis possibilities using the present data base is limited to 9 predefined outputs and there are not enough flexible out data programs. We suggest data is electronically transferred to Azerroads where it can be used together with the road data


The coming road inventory with digital maps will not cover Baku. The project has investigated if there are digital maps available for Baku. There are for instance maps available from Garmin. These maps can be procured and used. So in the same way as the Azerroadservice receive data from the police, Baku city could receive data from the police for Baku.

About one third of fatalities and more than one third of injuries in Azerbaijan occurs in Baku. This shows how important it is to address the road safety situation in Baku.


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