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2013 - Armenia, Logistics Processes and Motorways of the Sea II, Country Profile (EU).pdf

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Transport – strategic challenges. Intermodal, maritime based transport challenges. Port system and maritime links. Inland transport modes – railways and roads.


The Republic of Armenia is situated in the south-western part of Asia at the junction with south-eastern part of Europe. This landlocked country occupies the North-Eastern part of the Armenian plateau, between Caucasus and Western Asia. It borders in the North and East with Georgia and Azerbaijan, and in the West and South with Turkey and Iran.


Road, rail and air routes are main transport modes in the Republic of Armenia.


The length of the railway network is 1,328.6 km and the roads total about 7,750 km, of which 1,686 km are inter-state roads.


Two of the key problems identified in the field of transport are:


  • Road transport: there are lack of roads in good technical conditions, and the sub-standard road parameters are rife. This makes the roads unsuitable for cargo transportation and a great deal of modernization will be required to make them reliable for heavy commercial truck fleets.


  • Rail transport: there is only one key railway line connection, which is now under development. However, there is still an urgent need to rehabilitate and reconstruct some of its sections and structures and to modernize the rolling stock.


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