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2014-2018 - Armenia, Country Partnership Strategy, Transport (ADB).pdf

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CPS sharpens ADB’s operational focus and reorients it toward improving internal and external transport links, upgrading secondary towns based on integrated urban development plans, and strengthening energy security.


In 2014–2018, ADB will focus on three sectors: transport, (ii) water and other urban infrastructure and services, and (iii) energy. ADB will work with the government to improve both external and internal transport links, including those between Yerevan and other urban areas, and to catalyze new economic opportunities in the secondary towns where poverty is highest through improved urban environments and business conditions, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Support for sustainable transport continues from the IOS and ADB’s current program. ADB’s support for transport will focus on improving implementation of ongoing projects, especially the North–South Road Corridor Investment Program; (ii) when ongoing projects are on track, financing further improvements in the north–south road, including urban transport links, through the MFFs; (iii) improving transport links between and within secondary towns, especially towns with the highest poverty rates or along the north–south road, to transform transport corridors into economic corridors; (iv) developing capacity in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport and Communications to strengthen resource allocations and management of road maintenance; (v) promoting results-based sector management to ensure that all investments in Armenia’s road network are sustainable; and (vi) potentially strengthening Armenia’s railway network to cut transportation costs and boost exports. Road safety, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and shifting to more environment-friendly transport will be integrated into transport and urban development projects. To strengthen project implementation and avoid overloading project management units, ADB will limit the number of transport projects that are simultaneously ongoing. Public and private sector operations will complement each other, as ADB’s private sector lending aims to develop logistics services to maximize the benefits of better roads. In ADB’s knowledge program, TA will focus on developing a strategy for strengthening regional connectivity, road maintenance, a long-term road master plan and PPP, while its policy dialogue will focus on road safety, urban traffic management, and energy efficiency in transport.



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