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2013 - Moldova, Logistics Processes and Motorways of the Sea, Master Plan (EU).pdf

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Moldova is a small south-eastern European country without any maritime borders. It borders Romania to the West and Ukraine to the North, East and South.


Almost 95% of Moldova's public roads are paved, though still not in good condition compared to EU road standards. "Moldova Railways" is the state enterprise that currently has 11,157 km of railway line in operation. Railway infrastructure is well developed and enables transit along the TRACECA corridor.


Two Moldovan inland waterways (Dniester and Prut Rivers) are of international importance. Moldova has a stretch of the Danube River bank, with a length of 430 m. The freight transport and logistics sector is small and has recently experienced a rapid decline. In 2007, the total freight transport volume was 40.8 Mt. In 2009 the figures dropped to 25.9 Mt, as a result of the GFC. The sector is now showing some recovery signs. The total freight volume amounted 27.7 Mt in 2010 and 30.1 Mt in 2011. The road and rail shares in transport are 82% and 17% respectively. The total freight transportation was 5,865 Mt-km in 2007. In 2009 this had fallen to 3,773 Mt-km only, with rail accounting for 28%. The air and river modes together accounted for less than 0.4% of total freight transport traffic. This eventually increased to 4,192 Mt-km by 2010 and 4,795 Mt-km by 2011.


There are three TRACECA links that are important for Moldova: Giurgiulesti–Chisinau; Iliychevsk–Odessa–Tiraspol (main city of Transdniestria)–Chisinau–Ungeny (across the border from Iassy, Romania); and Klimentovo (Ukraine)–Rybnitsa–Ungeny.


In addition, the following corridors pass through Moldova:  

  • 2 TEN-T corridors (corridor VII–Danube and corridor IX–road/railway)
  • 2 OSJD corridors (corridors 5d and 12) - rail


World Trade and logistics performance indicators

In 2012, Moldova was ranked 76th out of 132 countries in the Enabling Trade Index developed by the World Economic Forum (average score of 3.9/7). It occupied, in particular, the 19th position for access to market, the 101th position for border administration, the 83rd position for transport and communications infrastructure and the 87th position for business environment.

In the World Bank logistics performance index of 2012, Moldova was ranked 116th, compared to 89th in 2010.


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