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Blog » 2012 – Moldowa, Road project, R33 Hincesti - Lapusna - M1

2012 – Moldowa, Road project, R33 Hincesti - Lapusna - M1

Created Aug 23 2017, 10:16 PM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke
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2012 – Moldowa, Road project, R33 Hincesti - Lapusna - M1


Road project – The R33 is located in Hîncesti District in the central west of Moldova. This route links Hîncesti town with the M1, which continues to the Romanian border at the crossing point Leuşeni. Leuşeni represents the most important border crossing in terms of goods and passenger traffic between Moldova and Romania. The road section starts in Hîncesti and travels westward through the Central Moldovan Hills (Uplands) (Codri), to the junction with M 1. The terrain is rolling to hilly with at times steep drops between the hill tops and valleys. Beginning at the intersection in Leova the road runs up the watershed, where several sharp turns and high hillocks limit visibility. At km 10 - a steep descent down the watershed in the direction of the valley serpentine) exists. Further the terrain is less rugged, in the area of km 25- there is a serpentine, and at km 26 - land sliding area, where sliding control measures have been performed.

  • Freight: n.a.
  • Passengers: 1.000 cars/day
Technical description

Rehabilitation mainly consist of pavement rehabilitation of 37.2 km of road including milling and applying a structural overlay. For safety reasons construction of roundabout is foreseen at the intersection with R34 road.

The main works will consist of:

  • Rehabilitation of 9 bridges;
  • Construction of 1 roundabout;
  • Some 271,946 m3 of earthworks;
  • Some 49,260 m3 Cold recycling of the asphalt concrete pavement;
  • Some 314,766 m2 Binder course of asphalt concrete M II, thickness 60 mm;
  • Some 309,568 m2 Wearing course of stone mastic asphalt concrete, thickness 40 mm;
  • Some 165 m of pipe culverts in different diameters and box culverts.
Investment amount
Total project cost is 18.8 mln EUR.
Implementation schedule

The implementation is planned for 24 months.

Euro-Asian Construction Corporation "EVRASCON" JSC (Azerbaijan) begin the implementation of project rehabilitation on 03.11.14.
Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other

The project aims at improving transport conditions, including safety, and rationalizing transit traffic along some of the major axes in the country, resulting in increased opportunities for trade and movement of people and goods.

The project is also expected to have direct cross-border and multi-modal implications as it will improve the country's interconnection with Romania and Ukraine, as well as with the international Danube port of Giurgiulesti.


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