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2017 - Georgia-WB, 25 years of partnership.pdf

Created Sep 25 2017, 1:49 PM by Leszek Tymoteusz Zemke
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As we celebrate 25 years of partnership between Georgia and the World Bank Group, we also celebrate the many achievements of an impressive transformation. In the early 1990s Georgia faced many challenges that negatively impacted the living conditions of the population. Turbulence and conflict led to a large number of internally displaced people and weak public institutions. Today’s Georgia bears little resemblance to the country I first visited in 1994. Rapid economic growth, maturing institutions, and the commitment of Georgian people to invest in the future have translated into improved living standards, a growing economy and a vibrant civil society. This is an impressive record of achievements that the people of Georgia can be proud of. Over the last 25 years the World Bank Group was entrusted by Georgia to support this remarkable transformation. As a global multilateral development institution, we were asked to share good practices and experience from around the world and financially support development programs and investments.


The World Bank Group’s partnership with Georgia focused on many areas, including the rehabilitation of infrastructure (roads, energy, water, schools, hospitals and homes), preserving cultural heritage, promoting the growth of the private sector, investing in people and protecting the poor. 

While we celebrate today the country’s many successes, the World Bank Group stands ready to continue to support Georgia as it strives to achieve prosperity for all. Investing in the most important asset of Georgia, its people, preserving the environment and adapting to climate change, and promoting private sector growth, are key areas of focus for our partnership going forward. We also want to learn from Georgia, so that other countries can learn from its experience and accomplishments.

Georgia is on our minds!


Cyril Muller

Regional Vice President
Europe and Central Asia


World Bank Georgia Anniversary Video

The World Bank Regional Office in Tbilisi has 36 staff members at present. Representing diverse nationalities, professional experiences, and fields of expertise, they have been the driving force over the years behind important results achieved in the country. In this video, some of these staff share what it means to them to work for the World Bank in Georgia.






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