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Discussion » Covid outreach during the 2 waves of Covid at EESL,India


Covid outreach during the 2 waves of Covid at EESL,India

At Energy Efficiency Services Limited ,India the challanges faced by us during both the waves of Covid were different. Covid in 2020 was a wave where symptoms were mild and our employees and affected family members were treated mostly in home isolation with few hospitalisations. At organisational level we created a Covid out reach team of employees who were in constant touch with employees allocated to them to extend all kinds of support. Employees were working from from March 2020 to August 2020. In September 20 we opened our office with normal operations.A stocktaking of the impact of Covid was carried out thorugh 2 surveys , one of which was specifically conducted for our women employees in view of additional challenges being faced by them during lockdown. The startegy of Work from Home followed by a roster based resumption of office to being fully operational worked for all of us at EESL . 

Covid 2021 is a wave which has hit us badly as a nation . At EESL also this time 40% to 45% of us were affected. The strategy of outreach through keeping in touch by constant communication with our respective teams did not work this time as almost all families had Covid positive patients . So either our employees were affected themselves or if not then their family memebers were affected. For women employees being Primary Care Givers this wave is extremely challenging. To deal with the situation we had to create a Covid Task Force to help out for arranging for hospital beds , oxygen concentrators and medicines to our employees. We had to explore possibilities of tele consultaion with doctors for all employees across India. A provision was created for immediate release of medical advance to those in need. A Vaccination drive was organised on a massive scale for all employees and dependents  in the age group of 18 to 60 years . All our outsourced employees , support staff were also inoculated in this drive. This was extended to employees of other organisations in Power Sector as well. The second wave is now subsiding in India but we are gearing up for the third wave and working on policies for providing leave/support to Primary Care Givers , tie up with hospitals for hospital beds in emergency ,oxygen concentrators/cylinders throgh official network support.