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WePOWER-SAR100 is a professional training series for mid-career women engineering professionals from the South Asian Region (SAR) designed to equip them for leadership, ensuring gender diversity in the energy sector. The WePOWER-SAR100 Series is a collaborative regional effort to build gender diversity in the energy and power sector across the South Asia region. SAR100 provides specialized technical training and networking opportunities to women engineers, and empowers them for senior management roles.


The WePOWER Internship Module

Co-created by WePOWER Partners

The South Asia Women in Power Sector Professional Network (WePOWER) supports higher participation of women in the energy sector and utilities and promotes normative changes for women and girls in STEM. An Internship Working Group of WePOWER partners has created this Internship Module as a tool for South Asian energy sector utilities and other stakeholders to establish and/or scale-up their internship programs.


WePOWER 3rd Regional Conference 2022

Dec 6 -8, 2022

The 3rd WePOWER Conference will be held from December 6th to 8th in Bangkok, Thailand. The World Bank’s South Asia Gender and Energy Facility (SAGE), as the interim-secretariat of WePOWER, and the Asia Development Bank will co-host the event. The 31 WePOWER Partners, and representatives from 35+ electricity utilities, energy-sector organizations, and other stakeholders will be invited. The Conference will bring together high-level country delegates and senior representatives, including HR directors, from all the major power utilities in South Asia. The senior management from the World Bank and Asian Development Bank will also be present. Approximately 200 participants are expected to attend.


WePOWER E-Discussion

May 17-24, 2021

The WePOWER Interim Secretariat hosted an e-discussion on Understanding the Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Women Professionals in the Energy Sector: Reflecting on Challenges, Policies, and Solutions. The objective of the discussion was to track the developments and responses to this crisis by our partners and learn about their recovery plans and mitigation efforts across the region. More than 100 participants from around 50 cities shared their insights and ideas on the topics. Check out the e-discussion summary here.


Pakistan DISCOs Forum for WePOWER

As part of the Pakistan Electricity Distribution Efficiency Improvement Project, SAGE II hosted a virtual WePOWER forum with Pakistani Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs) on June 2nd, 2021. The participants included the senior management and HR directors from the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO), Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO), and Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO). Following keynotes by Mr. Tauseef H. Farooqi, Chairman of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), and Mr. Simon J. Stolp, Practice Manager of South Asia Energy, World Bank, the participants discussed barriers and opportunities to promoting gender equality in the Pakistani DISCO sector. WePOWER's other regional Partners - BPC, BREB, CEB, KE, WAPDA, WEP, and WIE also shared their insights and experiences.


Fifth WePOWER Steering Committee Meeting (Dec 2020, Virtual)

On Dec. 17, the WePOWER Interim-Secretariat organized the fifth Steering Committee (SC) meeting. The SC was informed that the World Bank’s Management has authorized the South Asia Gender and Energy Facility II, which reaffirmed the WB’s full commitment to WePOWER. The Secretariat endorsed including the endorsement of MoU between IEEE WIE and WePOWER.


Fourth WePOWER Steering Committee Meeting (Sep 2020, Virtual)

On Sep. 16, the WePOWER Secretariat organized the fourth Steering Committee meeting. Valuable guidance was provided by the Committee members on the WePOWER partners, among other topics. The Secretariat updated the Committee on 2020 targets and revisions due to COVID-19.


Third WePOWER Partnership Forum (May 2020, Virtual)

On May 11, the WePOWER Secretariat organized the Third Partnership Forum (virtual meeting). Around 32 WePOWER members from across the region participated in the Forum. In the online business meeting, partners interacted with each other and shared the insights, experiences and impact of the COVID-19 crisis on women and female employees.


E-Discussion: COVID-19 and its Impact on Women Professionals in the Energy Sector (May 2020)

Responding to COVID19 and consequent lockdowns, South Asian energy utilities have adopted different measures to continue serving their customers while ensuring safety and well-being of their staff, especially women professionals. An exchange of ideas and knowledge between the stakeholders in different South Asian countries (May 4-8) helped framed the conversation around the challenges and brainstorm the solutions.


Second Partnership Forum (Nov 2019, Manila)

Hosted by Asian Development Bank (ADB), almost 100 participants including ADB, WB, USAID, JICA representatives, and partners from all 8 South Asian countries, the USA and France participated in this Forum. The program agenda included gender activity updates from WePOWER Partners and the presentation of the WePOWER Charter.


First WePOWER Regional Conference (Feb 2019, Kathmandu)

The first WePOWER regional conference was held in Kathmandu, Nepal (Feb. 20-21, 2019). More than 250 participants joined from South Asian utilities, female engineers, female engineering students, donors and local governments.


First WePOWER Partnership Forum (Sep 2018, Washington DC)

The World Bank hosted the First WePOWER Partnership Forum in Washington DC on Sep. 27, 2018, as a first attempt to convene major regional stakeholders from industry, academia, and civil society



WePOWER partners are providing inclusive internships in South Asia

WePOWER blog

What can be done to turn meaningful internships in the energy sector into paid jobs? WePOWER Network is working with partners to help women make that transition.


The energy transition fueled by women’s participation & leadership

Having more women in technical and leadership positions in energy is crucial to meet the projected 14 million new jobs that will be needed for clean energy growth by 2030.

On International day of Women & Girls in Science, World Bank Directors of Energy and Gender, Hana Brixi & Demetrios Papathanasiou, discuss the need for more girls & women in STEM to support the global energy transition.


Inspiring future female leaders of Bangladesh's energy sector

A unique 3-month hybrid Shoktikonna or ‘Power Women’ leadership program

Meet Subah Fairooz Maisha, an electrical engineering graduate who works at a power plant. She is one of the many ambitious young women we met in Bangladesh who wants to thrive in the energy sector, while contributing to the country’s economic growth and net-zero carbon emissions journey. Bangladesh needs more young professionals like Subah to lead the energy sector of the future.


Pakistan's first-ever virtual job fair opens up opportunities for women in STEM

WePOWER Partners Women Engineers Pakistan (WEP) and Women in Energy (WIE)

"This event was really helpful for all the job seekers like me. Due to family restrictions, I can't apply for office jobs, so I have been looking for remote work opportunities. This platform helped me explore those openings," says Ramsha Ali, an engineering student from Pakistan. Read more.


How Afghanistan's national power utility is helping women thrive in the workplace

WePOWER Partner Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS)

DABS’ impressive increase in female employees occurred alongside DABS’ joining the South Asia WePOWER Network as an institutional partner. Read more


WePOWER helps Bangladesh’s largest power distribution company boost its female workforce

WePOWER Partner Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB)

“WePOWER inspires my work every day,” says Ivy Nahar Tisha, an assistant engineer at the Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB), a government-owned power distribution utility. “After joining it, I started encouraging my female colleagues to expand their horizons and explore opportunities to learn, grow, and deliver results.” Read more.


WePOWER sparks action for gender equality in Bhutan’s energy sector

WePOWER Partner Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC)

Small steps by one woman can lead to big institutional changes. Just ask Kinley Wangmo, a human resources manager with Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC). Read more.


India’s female tech workers can reach the top

WePOWER Partner Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, India Women in Engineering (IEEE India WIE)

Ramya used to have a thriving career in India’s booming IT industry. No surprise as she was one of my brightest students and graduated from a top university. Five years into her career, she got married. Read more.


Inspiring a new generation of Pakistani women leaders in STEM

WePOWER Partner Women Engineers Pakistan (WEP) and Women in Energy (WIE), Government of Punjab

As women CEOs in Pakistan, we have seen and heard it all when it comes to practices and behaviors that discriminate against working women. Read more.


WePOWER: Why South Asia needs more women in its energy sector

WePOWER Secretariat

When strong and smart women work together and are supported by men who value women’s engagement as equals, let alone in the engineering or energy sectors, something magical happens. Read more.


WePOWER Conference Promotes Gender Diversity in Energy Sector Across South Asia

WePOWER Feature Story

On February 20-21, 2019, more than 250 female energy sector professionals and engineering students represented their countries at the first regional WePOWER conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. Read more.



WePOWER First Regional Conference (Nepal, Feb 2019) Introduction of the Institutional Partners:

Official Launch of WePOWER

This opening session included presentation on WePOWER and its Five Pillars. Strategic and Institutional Partners announced their activities for the coming two years to support the objectives of the network.


Findings of WePOWER Baseline Assessments in South Asia Region

Technical Session

The World Bank Lead Social Development Specialist, Ms. Maria Beatriz Orlando, presented the key findings of the WePOWER baseline assessments which informs WePOWER’s five pillars.


Women Entrepreneurs in Energy Access

Technical Session

This session featured women entrepreneurs working in the energy access space. Government agencies and industry leaders from South Asia shared their experiences on the latest initiatives supporting women entrepreneurs in the energy.


Latest Research in Gender and Energy and Key Findings

"Ignite” Presentations

Leading experts in gender and energy engaged in quickfire “Ignite” presentations of the latest knowledge work in gender and energy. The topics focused on future trends, challenges and opportunities.


STEM is for Girls!

Interactive Session on STEM Education

This session focused on a fun interactive game-based STEM learning for secondary school girls. The goal was to create a sense of belonging for the girls and help overcome the stereotyped fear towards STEM fields.


The Second WePOWER Partnership Forum (Manila, Nov 2019) Interview by Demetrios Papathanasiou, Practice Manager Energy Global Practice South Asia Region, World Bank

Question: How far do you think we have come in this journey? Where do you think WePOWER is going and is it creating an impact?


Interview by Celia Shahnaz (IEEE Bangladesh), Ramalatha Marimuthu (India) and Bozenna Pasik-Duncan (IEEE USA)

Question: What work are you doing in Bangladesh, India and globally? How can you scale it up? Please share your ideas/experience on the power of networking.


Interview by Palka Sahni, Executive Director, Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFC), India

Question: What can the distribution utilities in India at the state level do to increase participation of women in energy sector? How can they inspire women students to enroll in STEM education, and particularly in engineering programs pertaining to power sector.