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Institutional and Policy Response to Covid 19

Building Resilience at EESL India

Supporting women employees , regular , fixed tenure and contractual employees by allowing work from home while maintaining their salary security .

Financial assistance package for medical requirements related to Covid in addition to coverage provided for medical in terms od their service contract.  

Creation of a repositry of oxygen concentrators at office locations pan India.

Leave package for women as Primary Cre givers during Covid times.

Providing job oppurtunities by continuing with our recruitment processes . Internship offered to women professionals in EESL Group of Companies.

Vaccination Drive by women leaders in the organisation for all employees and families.

Drafting an Economic Rehabilitation Scheme for spouses of employees dying while in harness - A need was felt to introduce this scheme in view of fatalities due to Covid.

Performance assessments and promotions given to women and other professionals on time to keep the morale high in these difficult times.

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    Hi Harleen,

    I'm sure EESL employees greatly appreciate all these initiatives. Regarding the last point on performance assessments, given the disruption caused by COVID, have you made alterations to how performance assessments are conducted? i.e., if women as primary caretakers are taking significant leave, is their assessment affected?

    Thanks so much, Pam

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  • Thank you Harleen for sharing these great initiatives by EESL!