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Discussion » Managing Risks associated with Covid 19 at EESL, India


Managing Risks associated with Covid 19 at EESL, India

Gearing up for challenges ikely in the the third wave of Covid. The performance planning currently ongoing is taking into cosideration the risk mitigation of Covid 19 with respect to our business. At employee front the EESL Knowledge Centre is focussing on Employee Wellness programs to help our employees especially women to deal with Post Covid stress. The Social Security Policies for employees are being reviewed in view of the casualities in the second wave of Covid and likely to emerge from the third wave. to reduce the risk of Covid a vaccination drive conducted for employees im May 21 to be followed by another in next couple of months. Work from Home , Virtual meetings ,Hiring in online mode , Promotion dialogues through online platform are the new normal at EESL . With a prediction of a third wave of Covid sufficient medical support systems have been put in place.


  • Harleen, thank you very much for sharing EESL's risk mitigation plans and measures for the wellness and safety of its female employees.