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Discussion » WePOWER E-Discussion || QUESTION 4 (May 21, 2021)

WePOWER E-Discussion || QUESTION 4 (May 21, 2021)

Theme 2: Building Resilience


The Future of Work: Going forward, what does your organization plan to do to reduce and manage risks associated with COVID-19?

Please post your comments below.

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    (on behalf of Mr. Taqi)

    Due to the uncertainty of the current circumstances, the existing working schedule has been designed to manage the risk and we are likely to continue in this manner. Work from home, flexible working hours, flexible working days, etc. are examples of current policies which are working well for WAPDA. In order to prevent COVID-19, all employees shall be vaccinated as per policy. WAPDA has installed smart disinfection and sanitation tunnels, all offices and project sites are equipped with masks and sanitation material. There is strict surveillance to observe COVID-related SOPs at all offices. Offices are sealed and sanitized on regular basis. Employees are provided with awareness to maintain social distancing and means of controlling COVID spread. 

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    During the pandemic, Druk Green Power as an essential service provider needed to ensure that the power plants were operational given the risk of a major COVID outbreak within the employee community. During the two lock down periods in 2020, the power plant areas were marked as self contained zones and worked closely with the Local Government's COVID taskforce so that business operations continued with minimal disruptions. Since the pandemic, as a risk mitigation measure, essential workers (including some women) engaged in the operation and maintenance activities are isolated in teams after COVID testing and kept as standby for shift work in self contained units for a period of 15-30 days in order to ensure business continuity. This is something that the organisation will continue to pursue as a routine activity in the foreseeable future until the pandemic situation subsides.

    As it became difficult to bring in external workforce and expertise to help with many of the specialised maintenance activities, we needed to take upon more of these activities ourself. Therefore, going forward, this is one positive area where we see ourselves continuing build competencies to be able to do many of such specialised maintenance activities.

    As the risk of lockdown is imminent at any moment, "Work from Home" became an acceptable norm in an instant from where it was not even in the consideration until now. Likewise, so has online meetings, collaboration as well as trainings have become more of a norm now. Therefore, these are the trends that will continue to evolve and develop as we move forward.

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    Hi everyone, this is Kiran Gupta from Tata Power- India.

    Well Going forward, we have decided to take lot of learnings from COVID 19, some are alredya part of policies and some will be made post compelte stabilisaiton of the pandemic situation. Since we know that before we coudl really settle down for the FY 22 , we had to start preparing for 2nd wave of COVID 19 but we shall definetly make this part of oeganisational risk management and put down best possible mitigation measures.

    Apart from reviewing all operations for the organisation, we have put up alternate arrangements to ensure business continuity by close reveiw of critical operational parameters. Additionally, all infrastructure has been reviewed for the offcie functioning to ensure workiing in COVID like situations.

    Use of Digitalisaiton and technology for operations and all other functions ahs been made part of employees goals & repsonsibility areas to ensure due prepartion and upkeep of working. Also, Flexible working hours in discussion with reporting officers as and when requiredm, sessions for families for work life balance and children education programs have been made part of HR policies for employees.

    Tata Power has a very well established culture being an agile organisation for taking learnings and using best practices to convert every challenge into oppportunity and growth and we woudl continue doing so for COVID as well. We have at Tata Power delivered very good performance throughout COVID in FY21 and that is an example of structured processes and policies where employees come together to ensure timely results. 


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    Thanks to The CEO madam Kumuduni Herath our CEO did a marvelous job creating Intermediate Care Centres ICC with collaboration of reputed Hospital she has taken steps to convert 3 of our training centres temporarily arranged for Covid positive employees. In this great our grat lady is really appreciated.

    Also under her guidance vaccination program within CEB for all employees is now in progress.

    Pregnant employees are working from home not reporting to office. Circular is issued by CEO the great lady.

    Urgent maintenance work are arranged without delays and CEB perform excellent service to the nation under her umbrella.

    My salutation to Madam Kumuduni the great leader in Energy Sector.

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    The followings some of the action Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC) is taking to reduce and manage risk associated with covid-19:

    1. With uncertainty of lockdown and covid-19, BPC is now adopting more digital working system and we are now more comfortable with it;
      • Online meeting and discussion
      • we have introduced online rating of all employees, digital signature
      • Accepting/adopting online training and seminar.
    2. We are introducing smart meter reading, so that we don’t have to send our meter reader at site for meter reading.
    3. Developing our own competencies in all field, so that we don’t have to depend on the external expertise. This is one of the best outcome of covid-19.  We recognized our own potentials.
    4. Developed strong and better SOPs with the evolvement of covid-19 virus.
    5. Covid -19 helped us in developing strong working team in time of crises.
    6. It increased our efficiency of working. Because, we are now with limited choice and time. This improves our efficiency.
    7. We are focusing more on planning now and always preparing for worst case scenario.
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  • As we are passing the second year of pandemic, everyone is embracing this as new normal and introducing new strategies own business and organization accordingly. As for Grameen Shakti, we are building up several in house and field approaches to mitigate the risks and to perform as per our standards.

    organization’s inclusive recovery plans and efforts to tackle the challenges:

    1. Grameen Shakti is working on developing & executing projects that helped to mitigate the impact of COVID. As a part of this, under our UN DESA project and by deploying DEG grant we stepped forward to empower female entrepreneurs from rural areas. we have provided sewing machine to earn their living. We are also participating in call for managing Covid impact.
    2. Due to the Covid-19, there are a huge migration from urban to rural areas of Bangladesh. We are Introducing product/services that will help to improve livelihood of COVID affected people. Many of the migrated population is considering to run electric three wheelers but facing financial difficulties to replace the vehicle’s batteries. For them we are in the process of renting battery for easy bike.
    3. Grameen Shakti also took measure to initiate automation in work process. Measures have been formulated, approved and adopted to avoid physical interaction for document approvals and currently 80% of the documents are being signed electronically.
    4. To Improve the work efficiency of the employees’ several capacity building workshops have been conducted.
    5. Also, we Introduced a practice of regular meeting with field force/commission agents through Zoom platform. And organization is providing data package is provided to the participants for all e-meeting.
    6. Grameen Shakti is also actively participating in sharing and learning opportunities, internally and externally, through Covid-19 response webinar/workshop.
    7. We also continued benefit packages for our employees’ like- TA allowance for certain grade of employees, increasing the availability of the pool car to ensure the travel related health safety, health package for all, on-going office security measures.