We are a community of municipal finance practitioners interested in financing climate change mitigation and adaptation projects at the sub-national level. We are seeking to explore more effective ways of working, identifying common solutions, and sharing approaches and ideas. Our practice of a shared set of frameworks, tools, information, stories and documents serves as a body of knowledge from which members can draw. The objective of this Community of Practice is to serve as a safe and trusted environment for members to connect, communicate and collaborate.

About our sponsor

PPIAF is a multi-donor partnership program housed at the World Bank that provides technical assistance to governments to support the creation of a sound enabling environment for private sector participation in basic infrastructure services. Through its Sub-National Technical Assistance (SNTA) program, PPIAF helps sub-national entities access market-based financing without sovereign guarantees. The objective of the program is to improve theborrowing capacity of local governments and utilities by providing financing for credit ratings, creditworthiness enhancement programs, assistance in the preparation of financing without sovereign guarantees, and for knowledge generation and dissemination.

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What is the city creditworthiness initiative?

This is a ground-breaking effort to reach 300 cities in developing countries over four years to help them plan for a low-carbon future and get the needed finance flowing.

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