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Amazonia at the Crossroads

Created Dec 19 2019, 7:09 AM by Johannes Peter Zimmermann
  • Lands
  • Colombia
  • Amazon
  • Protected Areas
  • Indigenous
  • Mining
  • Oil
  • Brazil
  • Roads
  • Peru

This six-country analysis reveals the conflict between the vision of economic development and the rights of indigenous territories and the conservation of protected areas.

Read the article at Ojo Público (Spanish).

Title (Spanish) Amazonía en la encrucijada
Organization Ojo Público
Language Spanish
Year 2019
File type Article
Keywords English Amazon, Brazil, Colombia, indigenous, lands, mining, oil, protected areas, Peru, roads
Palabras clave Español Amazonía, Brasil, Colombia, indígena, tierras, minería, petroleo, áreas protegidas, Perú, carreteras
Palavras-chave Português Amazônia, Brasil, Colômbia, indígena, terras, mineração, petroleo, Áreas protegidas, Peru, estradas