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Bruce Summers C4D Coordinator/Liaison - World Bank Central CoP Team and ITSES Central C4D Team. C4D Roundtable Facilitator. C4D and CoP Coach. Former Board Member - Association of Personal Historians - Lead for Regional Ops. World Bank Premium Advisory Services Consultant for Collaboration and CoPs. Worked with over 150 C4D Communities. Member Engagement Lead for launch of Collaboration for Development. Co-lead for World Bank Community of Practice Strengthening Initiative. Principal Summers "Engagement" Consulting - Solving Volunteer Engagement Algorithms for 30 years. Former National Lead - Volunteer Engagement - American Red Cross and American Lung Association. Managed 1000 Member CoP engaging over 1 million volunteers annually in Disaster Preparedness and Response. Former US Peace Corps Volunteer - Community Development Officer for the Barbados Boy Scouts Association.
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