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Antonio Matamoros I have a BA in Biology, a MA in Geography with an emphasis in Environmental Management and more than 20 years of administrative, financial and technical experience in management, implementation, monitoring of large projects on forests, water resources, biodiversity conservation, environmental policies, and sustainable development, of which 9 years were in the Amazon Region of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela. I have the ability to negotiate internationally, Multilateral Environmental Agreement (MEA). Country Delegate and Head of Delegation of Ecuador to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), as well as, other international negotiations. I also was the Vice President of the Bureau of the Conference of the Parties (COP), Convention on Biological Diversity (2002-2004) on behalf of the Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC). Working together with a team, I fulfilled activities as a strategic leader and governance management of an intergovernmental organization, the ACTO Permanent Secretariat. A professional with a solid experience in resource mobilization, fundraising strategies, regional and international cooperation, both public and private. For instance, at ACTO, we accomplished negotiation processes with the National Economic and Social Development Bank of Brazil- Bank - KfW; or the Development Bank of Latin-America - CAF. Used to work with several stakeholders, and multicultural teams, I am acquainted with working with political-technical negotiations of high level among the Amazon countries, especially with authorities of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Environment.
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VEDAT BATATINA • Knowledge of various government contract types and vehicles including CPAF, T&M, and Fixed Price, GWAC and IDIQ contracts • Familiarity with SOW, RFP and non-competative justification writing desired • Conduct variance analysis and explain the root cause to management • Forecasting expenditures; estimates to complete; estimate at completion • Understanding of concepts such as Return on Investment; Discounted Cash Flows; Payback Period •Collaborate with Nobles and client team members through written and verbal interactions and presentations •Apply consulting and interpersonal skills to a wide range of business situations •IT product and service pricing development and analysis (optional
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Bruce Summers C4D Coordinator/Liaison - World Bank Central CoP Team and ITSES Central C4D Team. C4D Roundtable Facilitator. C4D and CoP Coach. Former Board Member - Association of Personal Historians - Lead for Regional Ops. World Bank Premium Advisory Services Consultant for Collaboration and CoPs. Worked with over 150 C4D Communities. Member Engagement Lead for launch of Collaboration for Development. Co-lead for World Bank Community of Practice Strengthening Initiative. Principal Summers "Engagement" Consulting - Solving Volunteer Engagement Algorithms for 30 years. Former National Lead - Volunteer Engagement - American Red Cross and American Lung Association. Managed 1000 Member CoP engaging over 1 million volunteers annually in Disaster Preparedness and Response. Former US Peace Corps Volunteer - Community Development Officer for the Barbados Boy Scouts Association.
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