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ASL Categories

Created Dec 20 2019, 3:20 PM by Johannes Peter Zimmermann

Click one of the categories in the table below to filter the content in this group in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. You can also use the search on the Resources page with keywords in all three languages.

  English Spanish Portuguese
  Amazon Amazonía Amazônia
  biodiversity biodiversidad biodiversidade
  Brazil Brasil Brasil
  Colombia Colombia Colômbia
  conflict conflicto conflito
  conservation conservación conservação
  deforestation deforestación desmatamento
  ecosystem services servicios ecosistémicos serviços ecossistêmicos
  governance gobernanza governança
  indigenous indígena indígena
  lands tierras terras
  landscapes paisajes paisagens
  mining minería mineração
  oil petroleo petroleo
  peace paz Paz
  Peru Perú Peru
  protected areas áreas protegidas Áreas protegidas
  restoration restauracion restauração
  rights derechos direitos
  roads carreteras estradas